A powerful Libra Full Moon starts off the week, where it is a time to learn to connect, relate, and love. You know what your needs are, and this is the time to look for others who understand your needs. You may have been feeling some hope along with anxiety as vaccinations are coming out, and the achievement of herd immunity is coming closer. Yes, it will be nice to go and have drinks with your friends and colleagues again without having to worry about anything. 

However, you likely see that re-entry anxiety will be an issue, and you are feeling it. Your colleagues and friends are feeling it. The Full Moon allows you to embrace it, understand it, and talk about what is in store after a very long pandemic. 

Then April approaches, and on the 3rd, Mercury enters Aries and joins the Sun. You will have clarity as Mercury leaves dreamy Pisces and finds it easier to make quick decisions. For instance, that project you wanted to do but didn’t know when or how to begin the work, once Mercury enters Aries, you will get the clarity for that and start working on it right away. Let’s see how the rest of the signs do this week, which the Full Moon will heavily impact.

Aries – Motivation has not been a problem for you lately; however, the way the Full Moon will affect you will realize that you are emotionally deprived. You focus so much on your work and other ambitions. However, have you taken the time to feel your emotions? This week you will see that you have not, and connecting with a friend is a great idea. 

Taurus – You may feel overwhelmed this week as you take on too much than you can handle. There is nothing wrong with delegating what you don’t need to do or even scrapping responsibilities that aren’t necessary altogether. You tend to want to get the job done on your own, but this is the week to allow others to give you a helping hand. You will feel better, too, once you get some spring cleaning done. 

Gemini – You may feel as if you have been running on autopilot, which is why you want to pay attention to your emotions as you do your tasks. You may be doing work that does not satisfy your heart and soul like it once used to, and you feel obligated to do the work for various reasons. You may worry if you stop, that will impact your financial situation. You do need to do something, but not if it makes you happy, even if you don’t realize this consciously. The Full Moon wants you to explore some other career or business options that you can do. 

Cancer – You may feel anxiety about whether or not you are correctly structuring your work and home life and balancing them. You may fear you are not balancing them as well as you should. However, even though the Full Moon is highlighting this as an issue, after careful evaluation, you may realize you are doing better with the balance than you think. If not, you can make adjustments. 

Leo – You have something on your mind that you want to express, and this is the week to get it out! Spread an important message, or begin launching a media project to help bring out the news. You will also want to pay attention to the calls and messages you have coming in. That is because you will likely get a call about something that you need to know this week. 

Virgo – You may find that you are making some extra money this week. That is because you have earned it, and you may end up with another client or another large project. Either way, you will find that your bank account will fatten up this week as the Full Moon will highlight your hard work earning you something extra this week. You will also have the motivation to tackle extra work for more money too. 

Libra – The Full Moon is shining on you this week and will last you all week. If you have been working on a project since October 16, 2020, you will find that you are entering a triumphant turning point with this project during the Libra New Moon. You may need to assess it and make medications, but you will be happy with what you have done with it—Pat yourself on the back. 

Scorpio – Prepare yourself for the possibility of uncovering someone’s shady actions that you have been noticing as the Full Moon will reveal that. It may also come from a friend or a family member. However, if you learn some painful secrets they have been keeping from you, this is the time to evaluate how you will handle them carefully. Are they worth keeping in your life because they are human and make mistakes, or are they no good and you need to cut ties?

Sagittarius – If you are planning to launch something, this is a great week to do so as the Full Moon, along with Mercury’s shift into Aries, will help you along. If you have a digital launch, or a book to publish, or even a new social media platform to join, this is an excellent week to do it as you will be getting plenty of favorable responses to it. 

Capricorn – If you have been working on a goal since October 16, 2020, during the Libra New Moon, then this week, you will have a perfect chance of attaining it. That will do wonders for your confidence, and you will finally feel as if you can yell ‘crushed it’! You are happiest when you accomplish something as that is what your sign is about, and there is a good chance of that happening this week. 

Aquarius – Don’t be afraid to hold back any of your visions because you may receive a joint venture invitation to take it to the next level, or you may find some inspiration from elsewhere to do something concrete with it. Since you have been dealing with many months of self-reflecting, perhaps you will find an opportunity to tell your story because you may inspire someone who has been in your shoes. Putting yourself out there is the greatest thing for you to do this week. 

Pisces – This will be an emotionally charged week for you as you will come into contact with something that will make you realize that you have some emotional imbalances within. That can compromise your productivity, and you may be extra quiet with friends and family. However, you need that time to sort out what has been within to balance yourself emotionally again. 

March is just about over, and April is coming, and the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is noticeable now. That means it is not a faraway thought for trips and outings once again. And the Full Moon is going to help you see that being the case!