Be mindful of potential deception, and don’t decide on anything immediately. Rely on your intuition instead and trust it. On the 11th, the Sun in Pisces makes a conjunction to Neptune. Be careful not to do favors for those who don’t deserve your help since Neptune removes boundaries. In addition to that, if you have a craving for an adult drink, be sure to set a limit. Since Neptune rules alcohol. It is easy to overindulge with this aspect so stay mindful. 

Be very careful not to fall into scams too. On the 13th is the New Moon in Pisces, and New Moons are a great time to start new habits. Beginning a routine that revolves around spirituality, prayer, and meditation can be very beneficial for you.  You may have some powerful dreams around this time full of critical messages, and log your dreams in a dream journal that may happen throughout the week. 

On the 14th, Neptune and Venus conjunct one another, which means they may have an unrealistic view of friendships, relationships, and attitudes about others. Keep your expectations of others realistic. Also, beware as this can be a transit that shows how people are friendly to you to your face but behind your back does not have your best interest at heart. 

However, one positive thing about this aspect is that it is excellent for creativity. So why not go take advantage of that. Let’s see how your sign does this week. 

Aries – You have deep desires and untapped emotions that you don’t know about yet. Now is the time you will begin to feel them emerge, and the New Moon will support that. Do not ignore what they are, as they can shape your life for the future. Pay special attention to your intuition this week because you don’t want to miss any messages. 

Taurus – You have heavy Neptunian and Piscean energies this week, and they will encourage you to look deep within and evaluate and re-evaluate what is important. You will make the realization too that there are some battles not to pick. For instance, that old friend you have a bone to pick with, well, maybe it is not worth your energy to do that and let bygones be bygones. 

Gemini – Go examine your social and professional network and see who is benefiting you and how. If you feel that any of them are taking advantage of you in an unfair way, don’t ignore that. Observe your intuitive feelings about some people in your life this week, particularly. If you cannot eliminate someone toxic from your life, then keep contact with them restricted. 

Cancer – You are too much into your comfort zone, and you will need to prepare yourself that you will take some leadership positions of some sort this week. You cannot stay hidden for long, and you will want to ask within how you can become comfortable with inching out of your comfort zone. 

Leo – You need to work on communication this week. If you are unhappy with someone for whatever reason, talk to them about it in a diplomatic way. If you have been too generous and kind to someone, and you will end up struggling with resentment building up if you don’t say anything. 

Virgo – There are plenty of opposing energies affecting you this week that can enhance your analytical side. You may get to the point of being too nervous and callous. You may find yourself being overly and unfairly critical of others and yourself. Make sure you meditate to remain as calm as you can during stressful work or home situations. 

Libra – Are you getting enough sleep? Be sure that you do this week as you have the risk of missing out on important rest. You will have a hard time with productivity as exhaustion, and a lack of clarity will impact your head. It is imperative to rest at any time of year, but make sure you do not miss out on vital sleep this week. 

Scorpio – It is okay to show your vulnerabilities which is something you do not like to do. However, this week you will have to accept that there will be a time when you will. Don’t hide your worries and fears from your loved ones. Anything that is worrying you share it with those who you care about and allow them to support you through it. 

Sagittarius – You will need to know that your intuition is strong this week, and you will want to make the best use of it in every way. Logic is essential, but don’t rely only on it this week as it will be clouded.  Instead, follow your intuition because it will help you significantly. 

Capricorn –  Careful not to get lost in work, and you won’t be working smarter. You will end up working too hard for something, and the amount of effort and energy you put into it will be for nothing. Rely on your intuition as it will help you find ways to work smart and take shortcuts without cutting corners with your work. 

Aquarius – Go have some fun this week since you have not had pleasure in a long time. You spent so many months soul-searching and doing shadow work on top of monitoring your productivity at work. Have fun and do something mindless such as watching a slapstick comedy or laughing at a few silly jokes or movies. You need that humor in your life. 

Pisces – Expect to have intense emotions this week as heavy energies are happening in your sign. You will want to go between withdrawing and socializing, whether on Zoom or six feet apart outdoors. You need to work through these emotions and don’t hide from them. Be sure to take time for yourself as you need it. 

These Piscean and Neptunian energies won’t last for much longer. On the flip side, you get wild with your creativity this week, so enjoy that.