The energies from the Full Moon are still strong and you will be faced with the reality of having to strike a balance between home life and your work. Especially if you have not balanced it in the past. You are faced with it now. However, don’t implement any changes until the New Moon which will be later next week.

And the other thing happening later this week is that Mercury finally goes direct in Cancer on the 12th. You can start moving forward with the plans you had put on hold due to the retrograde. However, just beware there will be some kinks from the retrograde that will come up until it goes to its station in a few weeks. You can still end up dealing with glitches and mixed messages. No other major astrological events are happening. Let’s see how you will be affected this week based on your sun sign.

Aries – The Full Moon’s energies have had a drastic effect on you so you are faced with the changes you need to make strongly between your work and home life. It is possible that you spent way too much time focusing on your career and not enough with your family or vice versa. But you know exactly what to do in order to make the changes needed.

Taurus – You are focused on getting some extra cash, and you are going something out of character which is looking to see if you have old possessions you don’t need that you are looking to sell. This is good for getting extra cash and creating extra space in your home.

Gemini – Are you getting paid for what you are worth? This is the focus of this week. Whether you own a business and are charging too little or you are at a job where you are doing too much work but dealing with low pay, this is a realization you will make. What will you do about it?

Cancer – The Full Moon has made you think about how well your needs have been met. You may find that they are not being met at all or very little. It is time to take your needs off of the backburner and start being a little selfish in a healthy way. You don’t want to burn out.

Leo – You have been overworking and have been neglecting your body, mind, and spirit. You are starting to become anxious and depressed. And those feelings are worse when you are working more. Pay attention to that and start taking care of yourself more.

Virgo – You are looking to save more and become more frugal, and live more of a frugal lifestyle. That is a great way to be but be careful not to go too far and become cheap.

Libra – The Full Moon has influenced you to go on a decluttering spree as you have noticed that you have too much clutter around. And you have found the extra stuff lying around has gotten into the way of your productivity levels.

Scorpio – You know what you want and you will find a way, a clever way of getting it. Between the Full Moon’s energies and Mercury retrograde coming to an end, you’ll be clear on how to get it.

Sagittarius – You have noticed that your spending habits have been excessive and out of control. You are buying frivolous things and you must find a way to start cutting back on your spending and start budgeting.

Capricorn – Those imperfections that you have, so does everyone else. The Full Moon has made you see yourself in a new light where you are not hesitating to accept your flaws and all.

Aquarius – You are ready to start seeing your friends after being stuck at home for months. The good news is that you can as long as you stick to the guidelines and stay 6 feet apart. You may seem like the distant one, but you, like everyone else, need human connections.

Pisces – You are focusing on your own worth, and you know you have so much to offer but you are thinking of expanding it. You want to learn some new skills that you may want to use for the future. Either way, it is a great time to start learning something new.

That is how you will be affected this week. Keep hanging in there, the challenging times won’t last forever.