Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct one another in Capricorn which has been magnifying the transformations as the Coronavirus continues to shake the world up for most people. The fact of the matter is that lives have been changed and losses have been experienced. However, what will happen later this week is that we will be urged to have a practical approach to how we handle the next steps as the Sun moves into Taurus on the 19th into the 20th. 

One of those things to remember is that this crisis will end, and it’s not imminent but there are reasons to be optimistic that by this summer much of normalcy will return. Let’s see how each of the signs will be doing this week.

Aries – Your creativity is quite high and you may be thinking about business ideas. This can be implemented at any time which means it is great to start a new hobby that you can eventually turn into a business. 

Taurus – You are feeling anxious about everything that is happening. However, you will have a trusted friend or family member that will give you the reassurance you need that all really is well. Changes simply throw you and you are not alone. 

Gemini – You will be very happy to finally be able to move forward with what you had wanted to do as some big ah-ha moments will come to you this week. Having the clarity you need is nice. 

Cancer – This is the week to pay close attention to your intuition when it comes to those in your life. You will find that someone who you have been involved with whether as a friend or in business really has not had the best intentions. 

Leo – You may come into something that looks promising whether it is something to add to your business or an item that you are shopping online for. But it is best not to go ahead with it before asking plenty of questions. It likely is not as shiny as it appears. 

Virgo – You may be dealing with an unexpected expense this week. It will be minor and it will not have a huge impact on you. Just remember that any type of repair service is essential so you will be able to get what you need fixed if that is what it is. 

Libra – You may be thinking that you have more responsibilities than you can handle this week but you actually do not. Write down what you really need to do, what you really are responsible for and don’t worry about the rest. 

Scorpio – Someone from your life could be in touch with you again. But be careful not to get too close or even accept them back. It could be someone who had ghosted you and is now pulling a zombie, which is someone who ghosted you and coming into your life all of a sudden. 

Sagittarius – You are feeling the effects of the quarantine the most as you are naturally adventurous. Remember it will not last forever and this itch is getting to you to the point that you are thinking of changing your residence. When things lift you will want to revisit that idea then. 

Capricorn – You will be getting advice from a trusted friend or family member about your finances and investments who know their stuff. Listen to them as it will be very helpful to you. 

Aquarius – You are having plenty of worries about what is to come after this, this is the time to remind yourself to take things day by day. 

Pisces – You are feeling antsy about being cooped up like Sagittarius. However, since you are naturally the type to spend time alone, you are handling it better. You are thinking of taking a vacation after this is over. If it is advisable to do, then you should. You can always take walks in your area to get in touch with nature as long as you are healthy though. 

Things are still rough and we have to hang in there for a little bit longer, but it will not be forever and remember that.