There are some things that are happening this week that will show you some glimpses of hope coming up. We are still experiencing the pandemic and we will be for a while just so you are aware. But, there are signs of some forward movement with finding treatments and lifting the lockdown which is not going to happen yet. But soon which will give you hope. On the 23rd, the New Moon in Taurus will give you a practical approach when it comes to making new starts. This can mean the government will begin to look at strategic ways of reopening businesses (when the time is right) which will make you feel more optimistic.

And on the 25th, Pluto goes into retrograde which is the first step towards things beginning to calm as you will find. The peaks in major areas will likely have been hit at this point. But there is a lot more movement during the month of May that will make this even more promising to you. Let’s see how the signs are affected this week.

Aries – You may be finding that an investment you had recently made could have backfired. But don’t worry, it will not really matter at the end of the day. It will be a learning experience.

Taurus – Setting into a new routine is what this week is about after weeks of struggling to do so. You are now more productive and at peace.

Gemini – Expect some news this week that may be relevant to your work, business, or career. It is good news and it will be relevant in the long-term/

Cancer – You are trusting your intuition about those who you deal with on a day to day basis (which means through video chat and social media right now), but this lockdown has helped you tap into your intuition more.

Leo – You will have found that you had forgotten something important. It may be a grocery item that is not easily found or something you had forgotten to do at work. But either way, something was missed, and you may worry, but you will be able to resolve it one way or another.

Virgo – You have found that there has been a lot of value in you picking up a new hobby as you are finding yourself to be more productive and at peace because of it. It is helping you relax more.

Libra – You will find yourself in a situation where you will voice your truth which means risking an argument. However, remember, sometimes it is needed to do that in order to keep reclaiming your power.

Scorpio – You will be purposely keeping busy with either home improvement, working from home, or anything else to distract you from the harsh realities of what is going on. That is what is keeping you from getting lost into it. Good move.

Sagittarius – You are getting that urge to do some home improvement, and you may get criticism for running to the hardware store as others may not see it as essential. But you do what you need to do and don’t worry about what others say.

Capricorn – You know this lockdown won’t last forever, but others around you don’t. You will be the voice of reassurance and logic this week to many.

Aquarius – The adjustments you are making right now you are finding to be difficult but remember, the adjustments you are making mean that you are evolving.

Pisces – The struggle with inner conflict is real and high right now. You are also soaking up a lot of nervous energy around due to the fact that your sign is what gives you empathic qualities. Be sure to recharge as often as you can.

Hang in there and stay safe.