The week for you begins with Mercury entering Taurus which is a good thing when it comes to practical thinking. Decision making will be slow. With Pluto in retrograde now, you’ll begin to see that there will be careful planning when it comes to gradually reopen the economy. Pluto in retrograde is indicative that peaks in most places have been hit which means it is time to start going past the curve. The green light to start opening things up is almost, almost lighting up.

Though since free will is a thing, some places have already opened up which may be premature, and hopefully, they will stay healthy.  What is in store this week for you?

Aries – You will want to create a portfolio of some sort whether you have started working online as a freelancer or you are expecting to return to work. Perhaps you may look for a new job in that case. Either way, thinking of a portfolio to showcase your work or redoing your resume is what needs to be focused on.

Taurus – You miss dressing up and you may as well dress up when you go and take a walk around your neighborhood as this may make you feel somewhat better.

Gemini – You are going to feel powerful this week and this is a great thing as you will accomplish a lot. However, be careful not to let it get out of hand as others around you will see that you could be controlling.

Cancer – You have quite a bit on your mind and you are not feeling very vocal. It is important to always speak up if something is upsetting you or weighing down you.

Leo – This is an excellent time for you to look for goal-seeking activities. Be on the search for anything that requires you to take some initiative. If you get a head start on it, you will get ahead.

Virgo – Whether you have been working at home prior to the quarantine or you have been working at home due to the quarantine, you will be receiving some recognition for what you do. This will lead to good things later on such as a raise or a promotion.

Libra – You are concerned about money right now and it is just best to live as frugal as you can. Don’t concentrate on lack though. Just be frugal and challenge yourself not to get into a debt mindset.

Scorpio – You are going to want to keep as much of a distance as possible from your family while you are concentrating on your work. Too much arguing and bickering can happen and this can get into the way of your productivity. You will need your privacy more this week.

Sagittarius -Pay extra attention to your daily habits this week. If you are feeling more tired than usual, then you need to get more active. If you are feeling sluggish, pay attention to your diet. If you are consuming too much sugar then you will want to cut that back.

Capricorn – A vacation would be so ideal right now as you have been working very hard. However, that is not an option. The best next thing is to indulge in some play and fun activities. You need to find that balance between work and play.

Aquarius – If you have already started a side income, you will want to look into adding more to that. What extra services can you offer? If you have not started yet, now is the time to do so!

Pisces – Indulging in more artistic activities is a great thing to do to help relieve some stress you are feeling from the situation around the world. You are an empath by nature and you may be feeling stressed as a result. Artistic activities will help you recharge so you can remove a lot of stress.

Keep hanging in there, you will come on the other side better and stronger at the end.