With the COVID-19 pandemic, energies are getting very intense and people are already getting antsy with the quarantine. Unfortunately, it will not end anytime soon and people will be home for a lot longer. This week is all about doing your best to manage it and work with it and the next following weeks will be the same. There will be a lot of examining and reflection going on this week.

On April 8th is the Libra Full Moon which means that people will be examining their relationships and friendships. Once the quarantine ends, who will people choose to see in person again? And on April 12th, Mercury moves into Aries which means people will be making fast decisions and the important thing is to make sure they are well throughout first. Let’s see how the week pans out for everyone based on their signs.

Aries – You are getting restless and if you want to spend money on a luxurious item from Amazon or Etsy, then you should do it. Just don’t get into the habit but indulge yourself this week.

Taurus – These changes are throwing you off the most as you have been suddenly having to work at home and no longer in the office. If you need your private space as much as you can get, be sure to get it and do what you need to do in order to adjust.

Gemini – This is a good week to look for some other work at home options in addition to what you may be doing already. Or you will want to look for a job you can do from home if you have been laid off.

Cancer – You will be finding other places in your home to set your home office. You may want to work with Feng Shui to make it work well for you.

Leo – Being home for so long will mean that disagreements will be happening among those who you are living with. You need to find some space for yourself and spend more time alone this week.

Virgo – Your intuition is strong this week, and be sure to pay attention to it.

Libra – You will likely find a work at home opportunity but be prepared any payment you are expected to receive will be delayed. Hang in there, this is the right fit for you even if things are slow to come.

Scorpio – It is important to stay as busy as you can. The quarantine is going to make you very antsy this week especially and you could lose your cool with others around you. Stay busy, and spend as much time by yourself as you can.

Sagittarius – Despite everything going on, you will find some luck this week. It may be a side home gig opening for you or a promotion of some sort.

Capricorn – You will be needing to take on many roles at home such as being the parent, the homeschooler, and working. But you are managing it better than you even realize.

Aquarius – Cooperation is a challenge for you this week. You will be wanting to do things your way but you will have to bend to the wishes of others. Remember, this is a time to work together.

Pisces – Have a good look at your possessions. You may find that there are items you will not ever really need.

Times are tough but you can handle it. Find out more next week what is in store for you.