This is the week you have been waiting for! The decade is coming to a close in order to greet the new decade! We are entering the 20s! If you get ambitious energy, don’t be surprised as you have 5 planets in the ambitious sign of Capricorn! Let’s now find out what is in store for each and every one of the 12 signs:

Aries – If you have been confused lately, don’t worry too much about it. This is the week to get some serious R&R and don’t think too much! The answers will come to you when they are.

Taurus – You will be in the mood to keep up with the benevolent side that you had during Christmas. You are going to be inclined to donate many of the items that you don’t need to someone else who most definitely does!

Gemini – It is important to stay focused on your intention and what you really want to do this week as you may find yourself to be distracted by so many exciting things. Prioritizing is the key as well which means you find it much easier to accomplish what you had been wanting to accomplish for so long!

Cancer – You will end up with ideas coming to you out of nowhere and be sure to note what you come up with! You may end up applying these ideas in any creative endeavor that you start in the future.

Leo – This is a great week for you to mingle and to get out there to expand your networks! You may end up finding excellent clients, or even a love interest by this method!

Virgo – Fresh starts is what your sign is about and what a great time for that to take place as the New Year rolls around. You are going to be finding yourself in the mood to do some organizing and reshaping your home or office. You will be most definitely be ready for new beginnings!

Libra – You will be having plenty of choices presented to you that is relevant to anything you are working on right now. This will be an opportunity for you to use your intuition and to trust it. That will help you make the best choices!

Scorpio – This is the week to evaluate what you need and really want in your life and to eliminate what you find that you don’t. Like Virgo, you will be so ready to head to the new decade by embracing fresh starts.

Sagittarius – This is the week to plant some seeds and have faith that the seeds you are planting will give you the results you are looking for. This is the time to rely on faith as well as patience, You will be rewarded!

Capricorn – This is the time when you will be shining as you have plenty of planets in your sign which will last for a while. Be proud of your accomplishments because you have earned them. And keep working at achieving more as well.

Aquarius – If you have been waiting for something to change that you have been attempting to change for months, then you will have your eureka moment. Expect to have a breakthrough that will once and for all help you make that change you have been wanting to make.

Pisces – This is the week when you will have to set some boundaries. Remember, it is perfectly fine to say no at times. You will find that you will be needing to do that at times this week!

That is what is in the stars for you this week! And find out what is in the stars for you next week as a new weekly horoscope will be up for then!