The week is kicked off with the Full Moon’s energies from the weekend, and we are going to be getting plenty of ah-ha moments while we take the time to express our creativity which is under the influence of the Leo Full Moon. Anytime feelings of self-doubt come, we have to challenge that as well.

Additionally, on the 16th, Mars enters its exaltation sign, Capricorn, which will give you the urge to come up with some money-making ideas and find ways to stay in control. However, it is not a time to take action right now as Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th. It is not a time to start new projects and to make big decisions, but finishing up old ones and tying up loose ends is what needs to be done. Let’s see what is in store for each sign this week:

Aries – This is a time to start evaluating your lifestyle and finding ways to implement more self-discipline where needed. If you, for instance, are not active enough, it is time to square away time to workout for 20 minutes in your schedule.

Taurus – Examining and making changes to your monthly budget is what you need to do this week. This means canceling subscriptions that you don’t need so you can save up for what will matter.

Gemini – Be committed this week to not judge yourself, be kind with yourself, and learn from your mistakes so you can make better life choices in the future.

Cancer – You may be disappointed by seeing that life has not turned out as you had hoped, but this is why it is important to acknowledge how far you have come and pat yourself on the back. You have done well.

Leo – Keep your emotions in check. You may find yourself overly emotional at times when it is best to be calm. You may feel nervous and that is why it is the best week to start making meditation a part of your routine.

Virgo – Because your ruling sign is going into retrograde, you will experience a lot of nervousness. Like Leo, be sure to implement breathing techniques and meditation as well.

Libra – Do some reflecting this week and show gratitude towards those who have done great things for you, and count your blessings.

Scorpio – This week will not have a huge effect on you personally, but those around you will be affected. You will need to be patient with them because these energies may be much to handle.

Sagittarius – Are there old hobbies that you are thinking about getting back into that you let slide for many reasons? This is the week to revisit those and try them out again.

Capricorn – You are busy but you may be overworking yourself and you will want to be careful. You will find that you will have no choice but to delegate responsibilities that you don’t need to take care of yourself.

Aquarius – You will find that business will be slower than usual if you are a business owner. If not, then you will not be affected too much. But it is a great week to implement some self-care.

Pisces – Examine your bank accounts and do some budgeting, You may want to look into investment opportunities but because of Mercury’s shadow, don’t take action quite yet. But do some investigating.

Stay tuned next week to find out what is in store for you then!