The week starts off with Mercury going into retrograde in Pisces, and then it will move back into Aquarius until March 10. Be sure to read up on what to do during this time, and what not to do during Mercury in retrograde. You already know not to make any big plans or decisions until the planet of communication and travel go back direct on the 10th. However, getting back to old projects and tying up loose ends is what is best right now.

On the 19th, the Sun moves into Pisces which will bring out the empathetic side in others. On the 20th, Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces which is excellent for lighting up creativity and that is needed to brainstorm new ideas that are ideal to do for this time. Let’s see what is in store for each of the signs this week.

Aries – You need to focus on yourself and indulge in some much-needed ‘me time’. Go to the spa, to the coffee shop, and do it by yourself so you can properly recharge.

Taurus – Keep your emotions in check. You may be extra sensitive this week and do not take things personally. Everyone is doing their best given these energies and if it seems like they are taking frustrations out onto you, they really are not.

Gemini – Your ruling planet is going backward so be sure to go back to some of those old projects or do some serious house-cleaning. The energies are in favor of that for you right now.

Cancer – You will have a vision for a new dream or goal. Hang onto it, but don’t act. Do some brainstorming on how you will attain it.

Leo – The energies from last week’s Full Moon are still having an effect on you. This is why you are compelled to start looking into making drastic changes in your personal or business life. The thing to do is to start delegating tasks to others that you don’t need to do.

Virgo – Take a break. Go to the art gallery or to a matinee, or better yet, have a spa day. You will be extra stressed otherwise and you need to do this to restore your energies.

Libra – The urge to procrastinate is strong but don’t fall into that trap. Hold yourself accountable to complete small steps daily of the things you had started a while ago.

Scorpio – It will be hard to accept what is happening right now, but going with the flow is the only way to minimize any additional stress right now. Things will take longer to manifest right now and remind yourself as to why.

Sagittarius – You will be tempted to spend money on things you don’t need, and step back when you feel a wave of temptation coming over you. Revisit it in 48 hours and determine if the need to make that purchase is as strong. Chances are it is not.

Capricorn – The all work no play way of thinking needs to be put on hold right now. Go out and purposely have some fun. Go wild. Enjoy it!

Aquarius – You will be affected heavily by the delays and cancelations on plans. That social dinner that you were looking forward to will have to be postponed. It will be frustrating, but remember what is going on now.

Pisces – This is a great week to join some groups of like-minded people on platforms such as Meetup. If you are into creative writing, for instance, join a group of creative writers. It is good to expand your social circle.

Find out next week what is in store for the following week!