This week does not have much going on other than managing the Mercury in retrograde, in Pisces, where it is not at home at all. Once again, do not make any big decisions, but you can brainstorm and gather up information so you can analyze it after the planet goes direct.

There is that urge however to look into making fresh starts as a result of the New Moon energies. Let’s see what is in store for each of the signs this week.

Aries – If you have been feeling the urge to take new classes, then that is something to go for. Learning new skills or upgrading the ones you have is a great thing to do, just wait to implement them when the energies are favorable.

Taurus – Do your best not to get stuck on a certain thought. Distract yourself if you find that is happening as this could be a big challenge right now.

Gemini – Don’t be hard on yourself, as you may be inclined to do that and criticize yourself for making some past mistakes. Everyone does it, and that is how experienced is gained.

Cancer – The newfound confidence in your skills and positive qualities that you have is great, and the next time you are doubting yourself, catch yourself in the act and redirect your mind.

Leo – Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. You will see it if you have in business and in relationships, especially during the retrograde. Keep your standards realistically high to the point that you don’t settle.

Virgo – You may be getting into a position where you are overextending yourself, and be sure not to do that or else you will burn out. Being a martyr does not anyone any good!

Libra – Even though communication is an issue for everyone at the moment, you will find that this is an area of struggle for you that is the strongest. You may not be speaking up when you should and you must remind yourself why it is important to do so.

Scorpio – Things will be irritating you a lot, and the best thing to do is to walk away whenever you are in a situation that will bother you. Recharge as much as you can.

Sagittarius – Even though starting anything new is not recommended, brainstorming and creating a plan for the future is a good idea. Instead of starting anything, be sure to analyze what steps you can take in order to start something when the time is right instead.

Capricorn – You may find that your creativity is higher than normal, and use it to brainstorm ideas, especially when it comes to business.

Aquarius – You will be challenged when it comes to being flexible. You will need to stay flexible because unexpected situations will get into the way of your plans this week. You won’t be about to control it.

Pisces – if you are feeling that there is a lack of structure when it comes to your life overall or business, then you are likely right. Analyze those troublesome areas and find where the structure is needed.

Stay tuned next week to find out what is in store then.