This is a week when we will be inclined to rely on our intuition based on the fact that Mercury is moving into its fall and detriment which is Pisces. Thought processes may be somewhat murky but intuition will be stronger. Additionally, we also have entered Mercury’s shadow as it will be going into retrograde on the 17th which can also have an impact on our thoughts.

This week as well, on the 7th, Venus will be moving into Aries which is a time to focus on self-care and meeting your own needs. If you have not been doing that already, then you will be inclined to do so this week!

There is also a Full Moon in Leo on the 9th which will show us where we need to be more expressive and allow us to show our creative side to others, in addition to removing self-doubt! Let’s see how each sign is affected by what is happening this week.

Aries – Self-doubt has been an issue considering it has been a rough few weeks. However, you will be affected heavily bt this Full Moon which means you will want to do what you can to remove any issues regarding self-doubt.

Taurus – You will find who is no longer serving you in life and you will find the strength to no longer have them a part of your life. Go wish them well, but they no longer are serving a purpose for you.

Gemini – Rest and relaxation are what your focus should be on this week in addition to meeting your own needs instead of putting everyone else ahead of you. Take some days off to chill.

Cancer – Going to social functions is recommended this week as you may connect with someone who can link you to some leads or resources that will be helpful to you in the future.

Leo – It is a week to reflect on how you are with your connections and friends. Do you overshare or do you under share? You will want to perhaps present yourself a little differently without compromising you being you!

Virgo – You have seen how life has not necessarily turned out as you had envisioned but you can still make things work in your favor. This is a week to reassess how you have been taking action for attaining the goals you want, and you may make some tweaks if something is not working.

Libra – This is the perfect week to develop a hobby that is art-related so you can expand your horizons and keep your stress levels down at the same time.

Scorpio – Pay attention to your overall health this week and make some assessments over your lifestyle, and be prepared to make some changes that may be necessary to stay in good health.

Sagittarius – Keep practicing mindfulness as you may come across people and situations that can upset you. Stay mindful, count to 10, and stay calm when that happens.

Capricorn – You have been quite successful over the past month but this week you may feel somewhat worried and even a bit vulnerable. Take some days off to rest and pamper yourself a bit!

Aquarius – It is a good week to keep social media to a minimum and go back to reading some of those books you have been waiting to read for some time. Getting a bit of a break from it is a good thing.

Pisces – Information overload may be an issue this week. You will be inclined to learn something new but only learn one thing at a time. Read one article a day on something you want to learn more about so you learn it at the pace that is right without being overloaded with too much info.

Find out next week what the stars show for you!