The energies from the eclipse that just happened are heavy and will be felt for a long time. Other transits that are happening this week will cause some energy shifts as Venus moves into Pisces on the 13th which increases empathy! And then on the 16th, Mercury moves into Aquarius which will help you with creative, innovative, and original thinking. Let’s see how each of the signs  are affected by this week’s transits:

Aries – This is the week to work smarter and not harder, and be sure to utilize your innovative ideas that will come to you for all areas of your life.

Taurus – You are going to have the urge to share your creative side with others and you may even be inclined to pick up a new creative hobby such as painting, writing, or drawing.

Gemini – If you are inclined to take a course this week, then definitely do that. This is the week that your ruler goes into the most innovative sign and you will want to expand your knowledge.

Cancer – People will give you suggestions on how to improve certain areas of your life that you are looking to improve. Some of them may be useful and others may not be overly fitting. Use your intuition when it comes to using the advice you are given because you don’t want to use the wrong type.

Leo – Organizing is the very thing you are going to be focused on. If your home is cluttered, then it is a good week to declutter and even get rid of what you are not using to free up space.

Virgo – Be cautious about not getting tied up in your own views and beliefs. You want to hear what others have to say and all you need to be is open to it. It does not mean you have to agree but be open.

Libra – You may be worried about the future and the thing you need to do especially this week is to stay in the present. Meditate and think about what is happening right here and right now. Not down the road.

Scorpio – You will be feeling quite empowered and ready to move away from your comfort zone. Go with it and you will be glad you took the opportunity to do so. This is a good week to do something you have wanted to do and never have done before.

Sagittarius – Be careful to not let pride take over and remember to ask for assistance in areas that you need. It is okay to not have everything figured out because no one does. However, this week you may be holding to that belief.

Capricorn – Are you thinking about adding a side hustle from home or adding a different service to your business if you have one? This is a great week to implement that as the energies are in your favor!

Aquarius – Your ruler has gone direct and as a result, you will feel more adventurous and will be inclined to move out of your comfort zone and to try new things. Go for it.

Pisces – Creating a new routine to your day that creates a balance so you have your needs met while you are caring for your family is the right thing to do this week!

Find out what the stars have in store for you next week!