Happy Birthday, Aquarius! The Sun moves into your sign on the 20th and there is a new moon in your sign on the 24th. This means this week will present you with a lot of new innovative ideas which will only spark your creativity and use them to implement new changes that you will want to make after the New Moon.

Let’s see what is in store for each sign this week:

Aries – Are you feeling overwhelmed with a lot on your plate? This is the week to develop techniques to work smarter, and not harder. And be sure to delegate the things you don’t need to do. You will find that your life will become simpler this way.

Taurus – Are you spending too much money on things that you don’t really need? This is the week to evaluate your spending habits and only spend on necessities and begin clipping coupons and looking for discounts otherwise. If you don’t need or really want something, then there is no need to spend money on that.

Gemini – Are you itching to learn something brand new? This is the time to do that. Listen to new podcasts, even take a course in something that interests you as well that you feel you will benefit from. Expand your mind.

Cancer – The New Moon will provide you with an opportunity to change up anything you want and to remove anything else you don’t need in life. It can be anything from items you can donate or just to get rid of – as well as removing toxic people in your life so you can make room for those who will be helpful.

Leo – It is easy to talk and not take action. Leo, this is the week to begin to walk the talk and to go after what you want by taking action in addition to talking about it.

Virgo – If you find that you have not been sleeping well, you need to catch up on it so you stay healthy. This is the time to learn about natural ways to fall asleep quickly – and to stay asleep.

Libra – You will be finding that more responsibilities are falling on your lap. The key is to prioritize the important things you need to tackle and to delegate, like the Aries things that others can do for you.

Scorpio – Be cautious with who you are associating with this week as you may come across energy vampires. If you feel drained after encountering someone, it is time to walk away from that individual so you can preserve your energy.

Sagittarius – You have learned a lot of tools that you can use to make improvements in different areas of your life. This is the week to start utilizing them and you will get the results you are wanting with consistency.

Capricorn – You are a natural leader, however, allow someone else this week to take the lead. Be open to learning something new from someone else!

Aquarius – This is your week and if you have visions of what you want to see happen, create that vision board and take the right types of actions to make it come true!

Pisces – Are you feeling tired and feel as if you are losing interest in many things? It is a sign that you need more ‘me’ time and be sure to recharge your batteries so you can feel more energetic and interested again.

Keep this category bookmarked so you can see what the stars have in store for you next week!