This week will have some challenges, but it won’t be anything that you cannot handle because you will continue to be the rockstar that you are despite that. And as the week comes to an end, Mercury, the planet that rules communication and thinking will enter Pisces where it is in its fall and detriment that can cause you to think not clearly. However, you will be encouraged to rely on your intuition because that will always make things clear to you if you allow it! Let’s see how each of the signs is affected this week:

Aries – Be careful not to blow things out of proportion this week. This means before acting when encountering a difficult situation, be sure to take deep breaths, count to 10 if you must, and then approach it calmly. You will be able to problem-solve much easier this way as well.

Taurus – Be sure to be flexible in your schedule when needed. The best thing to do is when you are setting your schedule for this week is to schedule in some wiggle room for the possibility of having to take care of unexpected stuff if they come up so none of it would be a shock to you. Be prepared to shift things around as well in your schedule for this reason. You may be needed at a time when you are scheduled to do a certain task.

Gemini – This is a week when you will want to learn tactics and strategies to work smarter to save time and to become inventive. Perhaps learn some DIY tricks so you can learn to repair simple things without having to spend much money and you can do so for creative purposes as well.

Cancer – Are you in the mood to learn something new? Why not take a course in something that you want to know more about, or you can read a book that will teach you something that you want to learn about.

Leo – Be flexible and negotiable. Like Taurus, you will need to find time in your schedule to tackle unexpected events. However, if you are a business owner, you will want to also be negotiable with your prices. Don’t undersell yourself but be open to coming up with a compromise as well.

Virgo – This is a good week to implement Feng Shui into your home or office. You will find yourself more relaxed when you declutter and arrange your furniture in a certain way.

Libra – You may be tempted to spend money on things that you don’t really need. Be sure to ask yourself before you whip out your credit card whether you really want or more importantly need this item. If the answer is no, then go with that!

Scorpio – Never forget that hard work pays off. You may be frustrated that things are not coming to you so quickly but keep persevering and you will be rewarded.

Sagittarius – Like Aries, you will want to take some deep breaths before approaching a difficult situation as you will want to problem-solve and come to it with a clear mind so you can take it on.

Capricorn – The energies are in your favor to go after what you want, and use the energies to your advantage to do so.

Aquarius – You may be confused about things that are happening in your life right now. It is a good time to find a therapist who you can trust if you feel you need it. Otherwise, you will want to get a reading from a reputable intuitive consultant to provide the insight you need with certain things in your life.

Pisces – It is highly important this week to stay as organized as you can. It will be easy to forget appointments or paying bills that are due. Make the best use of your apps for tracking and organizing.

Stay tuned in this category to find out what is in store for you next week!