This is going to be a powerful week astrologically as you have the Full Moon in Cancer on the 10th, and also the eclipse. You will be inclined to begin to find a balance between your work, family, and recreational life. Let’s see what the stars say for each of the signs this week:

Aries – This is a great week to broaden your horizons and you will begin to finally get the answers to the questions you had last week through unexpected ways. This means to not purposely search for the answers, allow it to come to you as it will.

Taurus – This is the week that you will tap into your creative side and utilize it for any type of creative endeavor you do. That is because revolutionary Uranus will be going direct in your sign which opens up a lot of great ideas.

Gemini – Setting some goals to attain is what the focus should be for this week. Just make sure that they are realistic and truly attainable for the time period you set them for.

Cancer – If you are looking for a side-hustle to make some extra income, this is the week to set that up. The gig economy is huge and you will want to be a part of it. If you already are, then you can add some extra money-making ideas to your portfolio.

Leo – You will be offered some type of opportunity that you may be immediately inclined to reject because you will feel as if it is out of your league. However, don’t turn it down. You will want to grab it and take the time to find out how to make it work for you.

Virgo – Do you need to expand your network? This is a good week to do it. You can either find others to connect with on networks such as LinkedIn or attend some MeetUp groups. Something in the future will come up which will cause you to get some help or recommendations from those who are in your networks.

Libra – You will be making some discoveries this week as a result of the eclipse. Some of it will be a pleasant surprise, but for those that are not – don’t sweep it under the rug. The sooner you address it, the better it will be and you will be glad you did in the end.

Scorpio – As most people are getting back into the grind this week, it is a good idea for you to get some extra R&R. The holidays may have drained you a little more than you had thought. Take some extra days off so you get the rest you need so you are recharged for when you do get back to the grind.

Sagittarius – During the beginning of this week you will be needing some extra rest and it is a great opportunity to implement some self-care tips. However, during the weekend, you will begin to get the mental clarity that you have been needing so you can finally start fresh then.

Capricorn – You will find it much easier after the eclipse to have a mindset of abundance. In the meantime, set the intention to go after what you want and the steps to take it will come clear to you after the Full Moon.

Aquarius – Tap into your intuition and don’t second guess yourself if something feels off. Your gut knows and always go with that.

Pisces – You may not have been paying the right attention to your health lately, and this week it is time to really start what many people intend to do once the New Year rolls around. Eat well, sleep well, and get some exercise, and you will feel refreshed.

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