Be prepared to have an emotional week as Mercury finally goes into retrograde in Cancer on the 18th. This is when your thoughts will be affected by your emotions and you will have plenty of misunderstandings people in general. However, if you are prepared well, you can help to mitigate the severity of it. This means it is important to speak very carefully and in a clear manner. 

Mercury remains in retrograde until the 12th of July which means there will be several weeks of missed messages, mixed messages, and potential power outages, and breakdowns of electronics. This can only cause you to be more frustrated.

On the 19th to the 20th, the Sun moves into Cancer. And as you see the economy is slowly reopening as it has been predicted by this time as Saturn in retrograde has been influencing the easing of restrictions. Yes, you’ll be spending less time at home as a result, you’ll be aiming to be secure. You may still want to spend time with your family at home. In most cases, you’d be looking into going on a holiday and making your suite home there when the Sun is in Cancer, however, this year is an exception as you know.

Then on the 21st is a Cancer New Moon as well as an annular solar eclipse. This is the time for new beginnings and you will be feeling emotional. The eclipse will speed things up which is good news for you if you have a goal in mind. If that is the case, you will get to it quickly with the eclipse as long as you take inspired and appropriate action. This means doors of old things that don’t serve you will close and new beginnings will come into your lap. Let’s see how the signs do this week.

Aries – There is some good news this week as you will end up with some gains which are likely monetary. Maybe a recent investment is paying off and you can pay off some debt. It is possible that extra business will be coming to you as well.

Taurus – Be prepared that you’ll need to work extra hard this week to gain more business. You have potential clients and customers interested in what you are offering but it will take more convincing to convert them into buyers. 

Gemini – You’ll be led towards spiritualism and reflection because the frustrations you are facing will lead you that way. This means you will even learn more about yourself as a result. 

Cancer – Be prepared for frustration levels to be high this week as you will want to utilize as much downtime as you can and don’t do much driving. That may lead to behavior as emotions are a challenge as it is at times, and this week will be one of those weeks where it is. 

Leo – There have been many opportunities for you to do a lot of self-reflection, and you have learned a lot. This is a good time to expand on your business, even though Mercury is in retrograde. However, remember it is not a time to launch until after the 12th of July but definitely plan for expansion. 

Virgo –  There are new responsibilities with your job or at home to take. And be prepared to take on new responsibilities at home too. Maybe you will need to purchase a new appliance out of necessity due to one breaking down which happens during the retrograde as well. 

Libra – Be prepared for a dispute happening among those who you work with or live with that does not involve you. However, you are still an important part of this as you are needed to mediate whatever conflict is happening. 

Scorpio – You already realize this but the stress from work and life, in general, is getting to you. It is extremely important to surround yourself with positive people and those who can encourage you right now as you need them. 

Sagittarius – Be open to the possibility that you may be connecting with someone who will give you an opportunity to grow your business in a different way than expected. Or, you may be given a new role with work. Either way, a change in the work, business, or career area will happen for the better. 

Capricorn – There is a potential partnership that may be on the horizon, but there will be disagreements which you will need to keep your cool when it comes to facing them. You may also be urged to take a few days off of work and spend time with your family or do something relaxing. 

Aquarius – Remember that Mercury is in retrograde but there could be a contract that you will need to sign. And this is normally not the time to sign contracts but if you must, be sure to read it very carefully when you do. Business expansion may be on the horizon as well, and the contract may or may not have to do with that.

Pisces – Be prepared for mood swings and irritability as this may be an issue for you this week. Thinking clearly will be a challenge for you the most especially given Mercury heading into retrograde. It is wise to hold off on making any investments unless you really must. 

Remember that as each week passes, it is closer to the day when things are calmer.