The week started off with the Cancer New Moon and solar eclipse which was yesterday. The solar eclipse is a time when things change so fast that you would not have known what had hit you. And with New Moons normally being the time to start new things, in this case, due to Mercury in retrograde in Cancer and other factors, this is really the time to slow down and reflect on your feelings and emotions.

Then on the 23rd, Neptune in Pisces heads into retrograde which will cause you to go more into a dreamy state and that can easily get into the way of your productivity. And then on the 25th, Venus heads direct in Gemini. You will definitely see then who your friends really are and who they are not. If you had formed new relationships during the retrograde then you will immediately see whether or not they stick after the planet goes direct. Those who stick are meant to be in your life for a reason.

Then on the 28th, Mars enters its home in Aries and this can help with motivation levels. And with Neptune in retrograde, you may be able to find a way to channel creative energy into your endeavors. Now let’s see how the signs do this week. 

Aries –  Venus going direct, as well as Mars entering your home sign, will have a strong effect on you. You’ll definitely know exactly who you want to keep in your life and who you want to cut ties with. This can be involving business or personal ties and you will not hesitate to break off with those who are not serving you.

Taurus – You will want to take time off this week to immerse yourself in a creative project. This is a great way to charge your batteries. You have noticed that you have been feeling somewhat irritable. This is because you need some time off and do something you want. 

Gemini – Overspending may have been an issue over the last few days for you. You’ll realize that you need to slow down and begin budgeting. When you look at your bank statement or credit card receipt, you’ll realize it. Therefore, slow down and cut out what you don’t need and start looking for deals and sales. 

Cancer – This is your birthday week and if it is your birthday, then Happy Birthday. Someone in your life may give you a fun recipe to try, or a fun home-related project to do. Why not try it out. You may enjoy it and even turn it into a hobby or a side hustle. 

Leo – You have been irritable due to all of the upheavals that have been happening over the last several months. Therefore, it is also a good time for you to take a break from working and do what Taurus is doing. Start a creative project for your own leisure. This way, you can recharge so you can then be ready to take on new challenges.

Virgo – You, like some of the others, will also need a bit of an escape this week. However, what you will want to do instead is to develop a green thumb if you have not already. Do some gardening as that will both relax and energize you at the same time. 

Libra – You could be urged to revamp your resume or portfolio, and that is because you have new skills and new experiences to show off. This is a good time to do it but don’t take action on anything just yet now that Mercury is in retrograde as you know it is not a time to begin new things. 

Scorpio – You will be able to determine what you really want in life that affects your personal and professional life. Reassess what skills you have and what you want to gain to go towards something you want to do. You will also want to assess your goals and make changes in areas where you feel it is wise to do so. 

Sagittarius – Traveling this year is just not easy to do or advisable even though that urge to go on a new adventure is quite strong this week. Why not make a list of the new adventures you want to try out in a post-pandemic world and maybe there are some things you want to explore at home or locally? Only you can attempt to make that discovery. 

Capricorn – The issue you have been facing lately is that you have been getting lost in your work. That is because you are trying to avoid anyone and anything that is making you uncomfortable. Yes, you have work to finish. However, you also must face who and what you are trying to avoid to help keep your stress levels low. 

Aquarius – You are experiencing some boredom with your work. However, don’t toss away what you do. Instead, look for ways to energize yourself with your work so you can find some enjoyment with what you do?

Pisces – You may be wanting to only work and be all about business or be the type to do all play. Finding a balance of both so you are productive but at the same time is what you need to do. This way you are not going to be overworked or getting lost in dreamland. 

That is what is in the stars this week. Stay turned for next week.