This week starts off by Saturn retrograding back to Capricorn on July 1st. The planet has been in Aquarius for months. And you can see that in the regions that are less affected by the virus, restrictions are further lifted. Just remember that free will plays a role in that, as it does for everything. As long as you follow the CDC guidelines, that will help reduce the number of cases. As a result, that will help ease restrictions even further. 

On July 5th, there is a Full Moon in Capricorn. This is the time to work on balancing your home and work life. Also, never take anything personally when it comes to business relationships either. If you have purposely been getting lost with your work, you’ll see the effects of that. An example of that will be that your family will show their dissatisfaction strongly at this time. You will see that you have not spent enough time with them. It is possible that you wanted to escape them when you went into quarantine, so this may have been a tactic. However, that does not have to be the case. Let’s take a look and see how your sign is doing this week. 

Aries – Be careful with your words. You may come off as opinionated as you have plenty to say. However, you can easily offend someone without the intention of doing so. Choose your words wisely.

Taurus – You’ll feel an imbalance this week. That could be because you are not balancing your work, home, and leisure time as effectively as you can. You are great at setting your schedules and this is what you need to get back into the habit of doing once again. 

Gemini – Your outer image has been a concern lately on a professional level. That is fine as long as you know that your inner image matches the outer image you want to project. Your goal is to be respected in every way. 

Cancer – The idea of making changes for the better is something you will be thinking about a lot. This week you may come into an opportunity to harness your altruistic side which is great news. Therefore, you really can start potentially making a positive difference. 

Leo – If you are still feeling quite irritable that is because your needs are not being met. You are feeling that in your professional and personal world that you are expected to cater to everyone’s needs and it must come to an end. Go back to your true nature and remember that you matter too, and make that clear. 

Virgo – You are under a lot of pressure and you are struggling to realize your value. Get into the habit of doing daily affirmations reminding yourself that you are good enough and worthy enough to be loved and to be successful – because you are. 

Libra – You have been underestimating your own power. In fact, your power is much bigger than you imagine. Therefore, don’t waste it. Someone may need your help and you will be tempted to decline only because you don’t feel you are capable enough of helping. Challenge your thoughts and do it anyway. You’ll see you can do a lot.

Scorpio – What has happened over the last 3 months is finally hitting you. This year has been surreal and you have just done what you could to work with it. However,  you feel as if you have been blindsided. Take the time to digest it and take the time to adjust as well.

Sagittarius – Focus on your social connections. You really want to see the good in everyone because that is in your nature. However, you also know that some relationships are not worth keeping. Therefore, don’t be afraid to drop those who are no good for you so you have more room in your life for new potential connections. 

Capricorn – You are a very hard worker. However, unfortunately, some of what you worked hard for cannot be put into use. This will be hard for you to accept but it is just another time to accept the loss and the disappointment that comes with it. 

Aquarius – You have an opportunity to help and heal others, and provide some help to any way you can. You really will help them out even if you don’t think you do. Therefore, this is a week that you can help someone without even knowing!

Pisces – You know that the world around you is chaotic. However, you will find some inner balance that will help you increase your productivity levels. Therefore, your work and leisure life will be balanced. Be careful to not allow the inner balance to cause you to become complacent as you need to keep moving forward.

This is what to expect for a week that is full of crazy energies. All you can do is make the most of it.