The biggest astrological challenge you will be facing this week is the shadow period of Mercury in retrograde as it goes next week. However, the energies are felt extremely strongly this week, and it is having an effect on you making decisions. And it is not helping in regards to the continuing riots that are happening.

The other thing is that Mercury is in its shadow in its home, Gemini, which intensifies the issues with miscommunications, power outages, and missed messages. Those who will be affected the most are those who have their sun, moon, or rising signs in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Let’s see how you will handle the energies based on your sign this week.

Aries – Because your ruling planet is in Pisces, you are still feeling compassionate and empathetic. Your main concern is making sure your voice is heard defending those who have been oppressed, as you have been likely protesting. You are making it peaceful.  

Taurus – This is an excellent week to dig deep within. Go and face your demons as they have been holding you back. It will be uncomfortable, but if you face it and work with it, you’ll move forward with your professional and personal life. 

Gemini – This shadow period is actually going to be quite helpful to you as you will get clear on your wants and needs. This is why you will be learning some new things. and will be applying them to your work, business, and personal life down the road. 

Cancer – You are having large visions that were affected by the lunar eclipse last week. It is important to map out your dreams whether they are personal or professional. Remember to be patient and it will manifest at the right time, but it is never too early to put it out. 

Leo – There is a risk of getting heated up during conversations due to facing many misunderstandings. If you are unhappy about something being said, the best thing to do is to pick up the phone and calmly discuss why. Be sure to allow who you are talking to speak, and always listen. 

Virgo – You’ll be finding that you are feeling confused at times. and peaceful at others. That is because even though you don’t realize it, you are growing. You are leaving your comfort zones, getting past your insecurities, and realizing that the ideals you once held are no longer impressive and realistic. 

Libra – This week you will have to become painfully real with yourself by digging deep and find out why you procrastinate. Dig within and find out why you feel you must go along with other people’s advice whether it has to do with business or anything personal. Find out why you don’t trust yourself. The deeper you dig, the clearer the answers will be. 

Scorpio – You will find that someone who you have been leary of has been quite trustworthy after all. They have been true to their word. That will be the moment when you realize you have been a little too cynical, and you’ll start giving others the benefit of the doubt and chances now. However, only within reason.

Sagittarius – Be open to changes, sacrifices, and surrender because it can happen in an area of life that you least expect. 

Capricorn – This is a week you will be making sacrifices, and it will continue for a while You have goals and some lofty ones which you will want to attain. That is why this is the time to remove things and habits from your life that can easily get into the way of you reaching them. You will discover what they are when you see them slow down your progression.

Aquarius – You are still looking back at who you were when you were younger, and seeing that your inner child needs some attention. This year has thrown some curveballs at you as it has done to others. However, you are the type that keeps your emotions hidden. And as a result, you are dealing with an inner storm. 

Go ask your inner child for advice. Ask him/her about something that you are struggling with.  Stay quiet, and allow an answer to come. The answer you get may very well help you in ways you least expect. 

Pisces – The stress with the world has been causing you inner turmoil, but there is good news. The Universe is with you to help you find out what you really want based on the goals you are setting. You will be able to clearly see what you are meant to do if you silence your mind. However, you are going to have to muster up the motivation to take action

This year has been chaotic and the energies that are a sign of that. Always remember that nothing lasts forever.