It feels nice now that Mercury is direct. And Mercury moves back to Pisces as soon as the week starts off which unfortunately can be a hindrance to logical thinking. The fact that many people are panicking over what is happening is a sign of this. The thing is when this type of transit happens, it is best to quiet down and listen to intuition.

On the 21st, the Sun moves into Aries (Happy Birthday, Aries), and this will cause more people to become driven and proactive. This is good for taking extra precautions based on what has been going on. Saturn moves into Aquarius on the 22nd which will make people become more focused on technology that is evolving, such as finding new and innovative ways to stay healthy! Let’s see how each of the signs will be affected.

Aries – You are going to feel extra tired this week. And it is best to rest up. That is because at the end of the week, the Sun enters your sign and you will begin to then feel more invigorated.

Taurus – Making investments is what you will be inclined to do. However, it is best to really evaluate what type of investment you want to make and if it will serve you in the long run.

Gemini – You will find that communication will come easier to you this week now that your ruling planet is direct. However, just be mindful of what you say. You could unintentionally spill a secret or say something that you may regret later on.

Cancer – You will find that you are going to worry a lot this week. And then you will realize the source of your worry is due to someone who has not been cooperative with you.

Leo – be prepared to come into some financial challenges this week. However, do not panic, remember it will not last whatever ends up happening financially.

Virgo – You will still find that areas of communication will be a struggle this week. The kinks from the retrograde are affecting you the most. However, it will resolve next week. It is just not best to finalize decisions this week.

Libra – You may be feeling on edge based on the situation that is happening. However, being the diplomat that you are, you will not make that known. Just be sure to recharge when you can so you do keep your fuse long.

Scorpio – Your intuition is extremely strong right now. That means to always go with what it is telling you, which you do, but it will be so clear you will not question it at all.

Sagittarius – You are feeling as if you are your typical adventurous self. Even though traveling is not recommended at this time, you can do other things to expand your horizons by learning a new language, taking a new course, or start a new hobby.

Capricorn – You will find a great price for something you have wanted to purchase for a while, and you will want to take advantage of it. A deal like this won’t come back for a while!

Aquarius – Are you thinking of changing up your lifestyle? Then this is the week to do it. You need to make some shifts and it will serve you better in the long run.

Pisces – Exercising some self-discipline is what you need to focus on this week. Whether it is regarding a change in diet, activity levels, or becoming more organized, this is a good time to make that improvement in your life.

Find out next week what the stars show for the following one!