Mercury continues its retrograde and on the 4th, it moves back into Aquarius which means it will challenge your way of thinking. Will your thinking be original or eccentric? That is what the situation may be with this transit. However, that is not a bad thing, if you are finding dark humor appealing, it can be therapeutic in many ways. Just be careful with it.

Additionally, this week you may want to give in to your sensual side as Venus moves back home in Taurus on the 5th. And on March 9th will be the Virgo Full Moon, but more information about that will be discussed then! Let’s look and see how each sign will be affected this week.

Aries – You may find yourself more drained than usual and may have difficulty focusing. However, don’t try too hard. Be sure to take advantage of some downtime as you need it.

Taurus – It is a good week to enjoy some healthy splurges. Enjoy a delicious dessert or buy that extra pair of shoes that you want. However, keep it in moderation and don’t get into the habit of it. Just enjoy it this week.

Gemini – There is a good chance that you will be ghosted by someone whether it was someone who you thought was a friend or a bad client. Consider it as a blessing in disguise.

Cancer – Focus on doing some networking this week. You will come in contact with a lead who may have links to something that you will need down the road.

Leo – You will be the one providing sage advice to others as you may be finding yourself playing the role of a therapist this week. Embrace it because you will feel great after knowing that you have helped someone.

Virgo – Keep your energies stored up as you will need it to do some major cleaning and organizing, especially when the Full Moon is on its way.

Libra – It is important to remember to be kind and gentle with yourself this week. You may have the urge to be critical with yourself. Tame that inner critic and chalk it up to the fact that you are human like everyone else.

Scorpio – You will find that you will need to work extra hard this week in all types of areas of your life. It won’t be forever but be sure to get the rest you need.

Sagittarius – You will have visions and you will want to know what your deepest intentions are. Create a vision board and start planning to take inspired action on what you want.

Capricorn – Focus your time on doing things that are worthy and be sure to prioritize with what is most important to get done. Delegate the other stuff you don’t need to do.

Aquarius – Life will not turn out as you had planned and you will catch glimpses this week of what to expect later on so it is best to be prepared and to embrace what is coming.

Pisces – Communication will be a challenge this week and you will be facing many misunderstandings. It is best to think your words through carefully before sharing.

Next week, find out what is in store then and how the Full Moon will have an effect on you.