Everything regarding the COVID-19 issues has been hard, however, with the Aries New Moon on the 24th, people will really focus on making fresh starts. This means creating new activities at home, as well as finding new work opportunities from home. Then on March 30th, Saturn moves into Aquarius so therefore, the focus will be to become creative and innovative in any opportunity possible. This again means finding new things to do from home and to be as productive as possible while social distancing. Let’s now see how each sign is affected this coming week.

Aries – Thinking will come more clearly and the motivations for creating new starts will be quite high. This is a great time to start something brand new whether it is something to expand your home business, or a new project, or a hobby.

Taurus – You are focusing on logic right now, and putting your emotions aside. This is the best way to be, especially at a time like this.

Gemini – If you are a business owner, you will make the decision to go towards a new direction with it. If you are not, you will also go towards a new direction as far as no longer pursuing one hobby and finding a new one to replace it.

Cancer – Being at home all the time is normal for you, but you will also have the urge to entertain your friends and family this week. As long as they have not been traveling for a while that is.

Leo – You may have felt stuck with not knowing when to move forward with something that you have been wanting to do. However, this week you finally can and you will find it quite easy to do.

Virgo – Making decisions was hard to do for a while, however, after the 25th, you will feel more confident in making larger decisions with more clarity.

Libra – Financially things will be better for you this week. Perhaps this means if you started working from home or started a home business, you will start to see the payoff.

Scorpio – You will feel as if you are under pressure this week. It may have to do with your work, your family, and everything else you are facing. Just hang in there, it will not last.

Sagittarius – Even though traveling is not an option right now, you will find other new ways to explore new things from the comfort of your new home. You can take up a new study for instance.

Capricorn – That new hobby that you had started a while back will become a side hustle. Money is the focus and you will find a way to create a business out of what you are doing for fun.

Aquarius – You may end up finding who your real friends are this week, and it could hurt. However, keep your cool! Remember it is a blessing in disguise.

Pisces – That large project or purchase you wanted to make for a while you finally can. Just be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Remember, this will not last forever. Hang tight for the time being. You can get through it.