The energies this coming week are quite heavy and it is all tied into the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with beautiful and social Venus going into Gemini on April 3rd, there will be more cooperation and empathy. Therefore, people will be finally seeing how if they work together by sticking to the social distancing rule – they will see that by making this temporary sacrifice that they are increasing the chances of kicking this pandemic sooner rather than later.

Additionally, on the same day, communicative Mercury and dreamy Neptune conjoin which can increase altruism and creativity. This will be helpful as well. Then on April 4th, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin in Capricorn which means these transformations will be magnified. This transit happens every 13 years. Therefore, it is important that everyone sticks together during this trying time while being physically apart and embraces the new (temporary) normal. Let’s see how each of the signs will be affected this week.

Aries – Despite what is going on around you right now, you are looking at the glass half-full and have been coming up with very creative ways to keep yourself busy at home. In fact, you may find that once this is over, you could have a side gig going on.

Taurus – Privacy is something you are really needing this week, and if you are a parent that has their kids stuck at home, you need to make sure that you have your private time. If they need screens to babysit them more often, then so be it. This is an unusual circumstance.

Gemini – You will have the urge to do something charitable this week. Since you cannot physically go and volunteer, you will be inclined to set up fundraisers for those who are less fortunate than you.

Cancer – Since your home is what you are all about, you will be putting energy into redecorating your home right now. You will be moving things around, and maybe learning about Feng Shui which is good.

Leo – You are finding yourself having more of a philosophical and spiritual look at what is happening. Perhaps this was the Universe’s way of getting everyone to slow down and this may be a reset. This may be just what is needed.

Virgo – You are doing what you can to minimize how often to grab errands and go grocery shopping. You are discovering the places that do deliver goods that you never knew had existed.

Libra – Before making big decisions of any kind, be sure to put a lot of thought into it. Keep reviewing and revisiting.

Scorpio – Communication may be a challenge right now. Be sure to think your thoughts through before communicating, and you may be misunderstanding what others say as well.

Sagittarius – You may find yourself signing up for new social networks or new groups as you will find other ways to communicate those who can serve you in some way.

Capricorn – You are having some discomfort with the changes going on such as working from home. The best thing to do is just to go with the flow.

Aquarius – Improvising is what you will be doing in all areas of life to get through this time. This will include your home life and your work.

Pisces – The one thing you will be doing is reviewing your personal finances and you will see how you can save money, and look for new hacks for budgeting better.

These times are challenging but you can get through this. Stay tuned for what is in store for you next week.