The Virgo Full Moon is what kicks off the week which means you will be compelled to look at all of the small details in your life that need some changes. You will also be aware of and acknowledge your small accomplishments. You will be giving yourself a pat on the back for paying those bills on time, for instance.

The great thing is that Mercury goes direct on the 10th (yay) so things will start to calm somewhat. But the kinks will still last for a few weeks so there will be some residual effects from it. Let’s see what is in store for each of the signs this week:

Aries – You will be doing plenty of cleaning up. In fact, you will have that urge to do that major spring-cleaning as your season is just around the corner. Tying up loose ends is what this week will be about for you.

Taurus – Good for you, you are becoming more confident in your abilities. Go shine because you are meant to be a leader in your own way.

Gemini – You’ll be catching glimpses of what is in store for you for the next 6 months for your business, work, and personal life. Pay attention to the signs that the Universe is sending so you can prepare yourself for what is to come.

Cancer – The networking you have been done, you will begin to see that it is paying off as you will connect with someone who can help you with something you need.

Leo – You have been busy caring for the needs of others. It is time to take excellent care of yourself and focus on your needs.

Virgo – The Full Moons energies are affecting you this week a lot and you will be inclined to do a large spring cleaning. And that also means to remove those from your life who are not serving you in any way.

Libra – You are becoming more assertive and are not afraid to say ‘no’ in order to preserve your own needs, and this is a good thing. Keep it up.

Scorpio – Privacy is an issue for you this week. You may want to find another space in your home to do your thing if you feel it is even more private.

Sagittarius – Take advantage of the creative burst you are having this week. You can invest some DIY tips for your home or office, and create different life hacks that will make your life a lot easier.

Capricorn – You may find this week that your fears are getting to the best of you. Just remember that these are fears and not reality. If you find yourself getting too anxious, then take some time to yourself and remind yourself that these are just your fears talking.

Aquarius – A burst of assertiveness will be happening this week and you can use it for your advantage to get ahead so your needs are met. But remember not to abuse it and end up becoming aggressive with others.

Pisces – Imposter syndrome may be an issue for you this week. Remind yourself that you are just not great at what you do but you are worthy of what you do.

Stay tuned for more next week!