There are lots of activities happening to you this week. You are still affected deeply by the intense Scorpio Full Moon energies. However, the week starts off with Mercury going home, to Gemini which helps you with clear thinking and communication. Saturn goes into retrograde as well in Aquarius which means old projects will need to be the focus and this on a global scale will influence the lifting of restrictions even more.  It may seem still too soon to you but there are other energies that may influence a fewer number of COVID-19 cases in the nearer future.

Mars enters Pisces where the energies on the 14th. You may find there is a decrease in motivation when that happens. Jupiter goes into retrograde in Capricorn on the same day which may help with COVID-19 calming but it can also mean you won’t be looking into ways to expand yourself until it goes direct in September. Let’s see how you are going to do this week based on your sign.

Aries – You will be put into atypical situations this week. However, you’ll find a way to adapt or move past it because of your determination to be naturally strong.

Taurus – Jupiter in retrograde is not going to have too much of an effect on you. There is a good chance you will either get some type of promotion or some type of financial reward. Either way, take advantage of it.

Gemini – Your relationships in work and in life will become more intimate so take the opportunity to bond.

Cancer – You have some confidence that is newfound. Just be careful not to get too feisty as you may end up losing some of those who you were close to. Use this power for something that will properly serve you!

Leo – You may be overworking yourself too much and be careful not to get sick as this can have an effect on your immune system. Don’t forget to take that vitamin C.

Virgo – It is a great idea to take up some extra physical activity. You may be doing that as it is since you are naturally health-conscious. However, you’ll feel even better trying out new exercises.

Libra – Be prepared to be inspired this week by someone or something that has a great influence on you. This will help you get some creative juices going for something you will do down the road.

Scorpio – Be careful not to get too confrontational as you may be coming across someone who is in your life that is less than honest. This week there is a higher chance of experiencing some conflicts so do what you can to preserve your energy.

Sagittarius – You are feeling quite optimistic now that you see that the economy is slowly opening up again. However, hang tight. Even though you are ready to carry out your plans, what you want to do will still need to wait as it is a slow process. But keep the eye on the prize as you will be able to do those things when the time is right.

Capricorn – You will be urged to do a revamp for your home as you will be spending some time re-arranging furniture in your home in including your home office.

Aquarius – You may be finding that if you have not been living the healthiest lifestyle, you will start feeling some ill-effects from it. For instance, instead of having the urge to sit in front of the TV, go for a bike ride instead.

Pisces – This is a great week to practice your communication skills as you may soon be given some type of leadership role. Stay tuned for that.

This is how the stars are affecting you this week. Make the best of it!