This is the week that you are going to see a lot of Gemini-like energies around as the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th. This is the time when you will be able to speak more clearly and effectively. You’ll be open to new experiences and adapting to things. At first, when the lockdown was implemented, it was a shock to you. However, with these Gemini energies around, you are beginning to adapt and become used to the Zoom meetings, and social distancing in general.

Then on the 22nd, there is the New Moon in Gemini. This is a great time to do anything that will stimulate your mind. Go and start reading a new book. Learn a new language or a new skill. Change things up. Let’s see how you will be personally affected this week based on your sign. 

Aries – You are finding this week that you have some relationships that need evaluating. Venus in retrograde is hitting you harder so you will likely be wanting to dox those who you have nothing to do with anymore. It may leave you with few friends but it is better to have fewer friends than many who are not genuine.

Taurus – It took you a very long time to get used to the changes caused by the lockdown implemented in March. Now that you are used to it and have settled into a routine, you may find it hard again to get back into the world as it is slowly opening up. Just be easy on yourself.

Gemini – Energy is affecting you strongly this week as you will encounter opportunities that will help support you as you go after your goals.

Cancer – You have been quite productive and active lately. This is a good week to chill and binge on Netflix if that is what you want to do!

Leo – You have had some busy weeks which is why it was important to power up your immune system. You may be invited to a Facebook group or MeetUp virtual group that will connect you to those who may come in handy down the road. Perhaps for business purposes or for personal purposes.

Virgo – Your efforts are being recognized. You may get some sort of promotion or a new career role in the foreseeable future.

Libra – Because your ruling planet has gone into retrograde, don’t be surprised if someone who has been close to you for a long period in your life turns on you. Remember that during retrograde what is true is what comes to the surface. It is always painful at first but in the long run it is for the best.

Scorpio – The energies from Venus retrograde are affecting you a lot so you are finding yourself nostalgic this week. Life before the pandemic was easy and you are definitely missing the good old days. Better days are ahead, however.

Sagittarius – You could make a new friend this week. However, keep in mind, because Venus is in retrograde, it may fizzle out when it goes direct in late June. Just try not to get too attached.

Capricorn – The energies have you struggling to create a clear vision of what you want. You do know that the Universe cannot deliver until you do develop a clear sense. Take some time this week to gain clarity as you will.

Aquarius – You may be aloof by nature but you are actually feeling alone this week. Go call a friend and arrange to have a Zoom chat as that will help make you feel better and less alone.

Pisces – The desire to make improvements with yourself is strong. You have been working on improving your communication skills, and keep working at it. Add meditation and yoga into your routine. It will work wonders for your productivity as well.

Remember that as each week passes, it is one week closer to the end of the pandemic! Don’t lose sight of that.