There is not much happening this week other than the fact that Mercury heads into Gemini today. This placement is great for making decisions with clarity, logic, as well as based on emotions. Just because your emotional side is taking over when it comes to making decisions does not mean it will be based on impulse.

For instance, if you are looking to invest in work attire, you’ll know what materials that the clothing must be made from. That is the logical part. But you’ll only look for the styles that you like. And you won’t want to give up the style that you are drawn to. That is why you’ll be asking your boss if that style of clothing you want to purchase can be purchased. You’ll do that instead of just purchasing it without consulting your boss first. That is how Mercury in Cancer plays out. Let’s see how the rest of the signs do this week.

Aries – Work is keeping you busy and you are happy about this. Not only does that mean the cashflow is coming but your mind is being stimulated. That is what you need more than anything right now! The mental stimulation is good for you.

Taurus – This is a great week to take up meditation and yoga, and to learn about the Law of Attraction. Know what you want to manifest and create the appropriate action plan to go after it!

Gemini – Hang in there as this week you may find yourself struggling with looking at the glass-half-full. In fact, you could become bored. The best thing to do is do the thing that is natural to you, that is to stimulate your mind.

Cancer – You’ll feel compelled to work on a few projects this week. Just remember to take it slow and don’t take on too much. You don’t want to risk burning out.

Leo – This is the best week to think about any future investments you will want to make whether it is for your home or business. That is if you are a business owner. However, don’t wait too long to make that decision as in the next week you’ll be in Mercury’s shadow.

Virgo – You will feel compelled to boost up your efficiency. Therefore, in order to do that, you have to delegate tasks to others that you do not need to do. Focus on that this week.

Libra – Some challenges that you could come across this week will want to make you not want to face it. However, always remember that staying in denial about a problem is sure enough to make it worse. It is best to deal with it head-on.

Scorpio – If you are making any big plans for your business or any major adjustment with your life, remember to lean on those who will support you. Remember to not do anything alone.

Sagittarius – You are going to have to make a big decision this week which could be relevant to your career or something else that is major in your personal life. Before making that decision, be sure to weigh the pros and cons and do it putting in a lot of thought.

Capricorn – You’ll be facing a challenge this week but you are going to conquer it, and you will feel proud that you did – as you should!

Aquarius – You may be around someone who has been negative and looking at the glass half-empty. This is beginning to rub onto you. Therefore, it is best to limit the amount of time you are with this individual since this is stressing you out.

Pisces – There is an opportunity your way coming to you that will increase the chances of monetary gain or some other reward. This is why you have been wanting to work on yourself over the last few weeks. And you should continue to do so. Whatever you do, don’t pass it up. Grab it and you will be glad that you did.

Let’s see what the stars show for next week!