On the 7th, there is the Full Moon in Scorpio that will make you quite aware of your deepest desires. Therefore, you will be aiming to go out of your comfort zone which is brought on by the energies of this particular Full Moon. You will be knowing what you really want out of life and will be finding ways to get there. In fact, this Full Moon will make you think more about what it is that you truly want.

Additionally, the energies from this Full Moon will influence many governments around the world to initiate plans for re-opening the economy. This has already started in some areas. The Full Moon is about striking a balance, and that balance will be found between keeping health a priority as well as opening up the economy again. Let’s see how you will be affected this week based on your sun sign.

Aries – Any problem or dilemma you have been facing last week will make you realize that you have the power to do something about it. If it is something that is out of your control, you can only walk away from it or find a solution that works for you.

Taurus – Even though change is not something you normally welcome, you are yearning for it this week. The lockdown that has been going on for a long time has perhaps gotten to you in order for you to want to see some kind of change.

Gemini – Practicing self-discipline is the key to striking a balance. Perhaps you are tempted to work long hours at home. This is causing you to forget other aspects of your life. Hold yourself accountable for staying as balanced as you can.

Cancer – You will be wanting to do a charity for the company you work for or if you may decide to hold one if you own your business. But you are going to be urged to create a campaign to collect donations online.

Leo – You will face a dilemma that will require you to put in some extra effort to fix it. However, you are tenacious so you won’t stop until it is resolved.

Virgo – You are feeling urged to take up a new study or learn a new skill. But don’t do anything else unless you know that you have room on your plate to fit something else in.

Libra – You have plenty of pent-up energy that you know you can put towards self-development or for your business if you own one. Make the best use of it, and go for it.

Scorpio – This is a good week to look at some long-term goals. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now or 10 years from now? You realize that things don’t go as planned as this pandemic was not predicted. However, a rough idea of what you want to see your life look like is what you want to focus on.

Sagittarius – The way you dress has an impact on your productivity. Therefore, why not dress up a little even though you are staying at home. You will feel more energized.

Capricorn – You have an impulsive side this week which is normally out of character. Your ruling planet is in the shadow as it will be in retrograde soon which has something to do with it. Just be cautious not to do anything you could regret later.

Aquarius – There are some old projects that you have left aside. This is a good week to get back to them or something you have not done in a while.

Pisces – Some challenging situations will come up this week which will cause you to doubt your abilities and worth. Stay strong and keep above that. They will pass and so will those feelings.

Stay strong this week. Every week that passes means that we are getting closer to the end.