The lack of motivation you are feeling this week results from Mars going into retrograde last week. But since Jupiter has gone direct after being in retrograde for months, that is helping to make up for that. 

However, you will feel a sense of renewal on the 16th as there is a Virgo New Moon. This new moon will activate your analytical skills. Therefore, you will feel a bit of an urge to take any appropriate actions with good thinking and planning behind it which is always helpful in your professional and personal life. You will feel more in control of your urges too. 

Then on September 22nd, the sun moves into Libra. That will provide harmony in any type of relationship whether it is professional or personal. With this transit and during Mars in retrograde, this will take some of the edge off the stressful energies you are facing this week.

Aries – You are still feeling tired due to retrograding Mars, but the new moon is giving you a sense of motivation. You may open a side hustle or get into a sport once again. In fact, you will want to act fast on this or else the motivation of this will wane and you will regret that later on. 

Taurus – You are dealing with some struggles as you cannot relax. This new moon will help you make the most of the relaxation you desperately need. If your spa is open, you can either book a day at the spa or if you feel safer having a spa day at home, use your creative side to create a spa-like environment at home and get some much needed R&R. You will feel more balanced by the end of the week. 

Gemini – The reason you were not so quick-witted over the last week was that your vibe has been killed off from the effects of the pandemic. However, this new moon will help you regroup as you will appreciate the safety of your home. You may want to continue working from home if you have been doing that all along, to begin with. 

Cancer – Your awareness of everything around you will become magnified this week with the new moon coming into play. You were struggling with self-confidence issues last week and went into this week with it as well. However, now you are seeing the light and seeing that your inner fears are nothing but an illusion. 

Leo – Stay cautious this week as you will find that others will ask you for too many favors this week. Your clients may also attempt to nickel and dime you. However, this new moon will give you the urge to tighten up your boundaries if they have been too loose which they may have been. 

Virgo – This is a good week for you as you will feel confident to speak your mind and to voice your opinions. You have been feeling as if you have not been able to achieve as much as you wanted to for some time. You can finally feel the urge to voice your grievances whether it is in a personal or professional setting with remaining tactful. Your voice will be heard. 

Libra – Your intuition will be heightened with the new moon and this will help you become more empowered to make choices, something that you have been known to struggle with. And you will make those choices with confidence as well whether it is professional or personal. 

Scorpio – Inertia has been a problem since last week when Mars went into retrograde. You may be tired of the expectations placed on you at work. Use this week to expand your horizons and to join some new professional networks. Kick back and enjoy some virtual happy hours and meet some new potential partners, clients, or other useful contacts this way. 

Sagittarius – This new moon will give you the urge to do a professional checklist. You will want to update your resume, make changes to your elevator pitch, and make sure that your current ambitions are in line with your present-day interests. Make this week productive with that. 

Capricorn – You are a hard worker. You are naturally all about business. However, this week, you will make the realization by this new moon that you need to have some fun too. You will take some much-needed breaks this week and you will kick back and enjoy uplifting comedies and take things less seriously. 

Aquarius – You have been having a battle with your inner child lately which has been getting into the way of your professional and personal life. However, this new moon you will be able to separate your past from the present. Perhaps it is a good opportunity to write your book as well if that is the direction you want to take.

Pisces – The new moon is opposing your sun and as a result, you will be inclined to work in partners in the foreseeable future. The influence is also the sun moving into Libra later in the week which will be more impactful next week. But working with others is a focus this week for you regardless of what you are doing. Therefore, you want to make sure you are very cooperative but at the same time, if the other is not, then you can always work with someone else. 

That concludes the horoscope for this week and each time there is a new moon, there is a fresh start of some kind as this week is full of plenty of them.