The sun enters Libra on the 22nd which can help calm some of the intensity happening from Mars in retrograde in Aries. It can help some of the harsh aspects as well. Then on the 26th, Mercury enters Scorpio which will sharpen up your perceptions. This is essential for problem-solving. This means you will have an easier time facing and working through any challenges that come your way.  In addition to that, this placement will help you become even more observant. That will keep you protected from those who don’t have good intentions around you. 

Therefore, you won’t be taken advantage of easily with this transit, and let’s see how the signs do this week. What is in store for you this week? 

Aries – The sun is in opposition to your sun sign, you will be feeling out of sorts. That will continue for several weeks. You will struggle to keep up with the sudden burst of motivation you had from earlier on. You may be tempted to drink several cups of coffee before opening up your laptop each morning. 

Taurus – Pay extra attention to your health as you will want to eat healthily and start cutting down on sugar and trans fats. You may end up facing some challenges soon and you want to have the strength to face whatever it may be. 

Gemini – You will find that your creativity will be stronger this week so start jotting down creative ideas for anything you want to do. This can help you with marketing, writing a novel, or for finding new creative ways to organize your home. The sky is the limit. 

Cancer – This is a great week to manifest anything you have your mind set because the sun’s transit is in your favor. Even though Cancer and Libra don’t mix, there are still plenty of things they do have in common with one another. That includes the innate gift of manifestation, so start taking action on what you want to manifest in your life. 

Leo – Go strengthen your connections this week as growing your network is not the main focus right now. Get to know the ones you have. For example, go through your LinkedIn list and arrange Zoom calls with each of your connections to build a relationship. You never know what can come out of it

Virgo – You will have some financial gains this week. Because for you, whenever the sun moves into Libra, this can be very good news for you in this regard. You may get a raise or even win the lottery. 

Libra – Sun just entered your sign so Happy Birthday (over the next few weeks). The spotlight is on you this week and over the next few weeks. Host a few Zoom virtual parties and why not host some virtual networking events where you can also enhance your connections the same way Leo is encouraged to do this week! It will pay off in the future.

Scorpio – Mercury enters your sign, and don’t be surprised if your intuition is laser-sharp. You may even have potent and prophetic dreams. If you are unsure of what dreams symbolize then you will want to have them interpreted which you can also do on your own through research. You will want to pay extra attention to any synchronicities, numbers, items, and more. This can foretell what the future brings to you. 

Sagittarius – This normally would be a good week to take a trip based on the energies around you. But given the current situation, that cannot happen. Why not go and explore and relax virtually instead? This is the recharge you need for now so you can get back to being your optimistic and productive self later on. 

Capricorn – This week you will want to make a brave professional decision. You are ambitious, but you are an introvert by nature which means you don’t relish the idea of putting yourself out there visibly. This is a great week to break out of your comfort zone and do that no matter how uncomfortable it is at first. But you’ll be so proud after the fact. 

Aquarius – Go and look back on your recent past and see what you have accomplished. You will feel more confident and ready to start making bold moves. You may be inclined to start a new side project even if it is not relevant to your profession. Or you may be inclined to join a peaceful protest. Either way, you will get a boost of confidence which is what you really need especially at this moment. 

Pisces – This is the week your eighth house will be activated. That is an intense house that rules transformations. Therefore, if you are feeling intense and stressed, this is why. You are digging deep into your psyche and will get quite uncomfortable with it. Your professional performance may not be at its best because of the stuff happening within. This is why you want to nurture yourself especially right now. Take an essential oil bath to release the psychic tension. You may want to consider doing this nightly for this week anyway. 

This is what to expect this week and hang in there, these energies will not last forever!