Happy New Year! Be prepared to be in a year of significant changes, and on the 5th, it starts with Mercury conjuncting Pluto. That will bring on powerful thinking, so you want to make sure that what you are thinking will help you. That will only help your thoughts manifest into something great.  And on the day after, on the 6th, Mars moves into Mars after it is in its home sign of Aries for over six months. That will bring you the energy to focus heavily on your practical side, and you’ll be thinking of new ways to bring in more income and save.

Then on the 8th, Mercury will move into Aquarius, which will help boost original thinking. Venus enters Capricorn, which makes you more pragmatic, and you will be building relationships with those you see are in power. Let’s see how your sign does during the first week of 2021. 

Aries – Expect to have some anxiety over not completing some of your personal goals this week. Try not to blow things out of proportion too much. You will want to examine your goals piece by piece, and perhaps some form of action plans need to change. But don’t give up. 

Taurus –  Investments as well as joint resources, will be the focus for this week. However, you will find that there will be good news surrounding that despite your concerns. You may worry that the markets are doing poorly at a certain point. However, there is no need to worry as you will be happy to learn that you are earning despite that situation. 

Gemini – It was important to make commitments during the fall, you will start to see why this week. A new income idea will emerge from someone to who you are committed will help you turn the idea into reality. Even if that is not what you are planning to do, you will find that a new partnership of some sort can help you gain future opportunities. 

Cancer – You are in a favorable position for a promotion of some sort. You will be recognized for your hard work, which will be well-deserved. That is a great thing to start the new year.

Leo – Vacations are on your mind, which you likely can take by in the summer. However, the thoughts of how much you missed out on things last year take over your mind. Do not let these thoughts get into the way of your responsibilities for the week. Always remember there is a proper time for everything. 

Virgo – Work on keeping your communication open, which will help you in so many ways. There is also a chance you may also learn by the end of the week about an opportunity for financial gain. That will be welcomed news this week!

Libra – Focus is on your home this week. Maybe it is time to look into renovating a part of your home that needs it or to replace old furnishings. Maybe an appliance needs replacement, tired, or carpeting needs replacement. 

Scorpio – You will hear about the favorable news that is relevant to your money or investments. Be careful when it comes to reinvesting anything as you may want to pull some money out. You will also see some progress this week regarding a particular goal you are working to attain, so that is great. 

Sagittarius – Make adjustments to your wishes as well as your budget. If your budget is limited, then you will want to look at discounts and sales. If your budget isn’t so limited, you have more to play with, but be smart and not spend money impulsively.

Capricorn – Prepare yourself to learn about a development that is a good one for your industry or business. That will require you to adjust. However,  you will be happy to make it since they give you the potential to increase your earnings. 

Aquarius – Privacy is essential to you, particularly this week. For instance, if you donate, you will do so anonymously. If you want to do a review over something you had experience with, do so anonymously, even if it is positive. 

Pisces – be very cautious with who you talk to that offers you anything. You could be susceptible to scams this week, and the last thing you want to do is fall for anything that could be too good to be true. Use your intuition if you hear an offer that is just too good to be true because it is!

Pat yourself on the back, as you made it through 2020, and now, you can help create a much better reality this year!