Now that we are in the second week of July, we begin the week with Mercury in Cancer, making a trine to Jupiter in Pisces. We have entered a great time for planning, booking a business or leisure trip, or engaging your creative side. Mars and Venus meet up in Leo on the 13th, which can ignite your passions. On the 15th, two aspects are opposite. 

There is a trine between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, stimulating your intuition and creativity. You must use the compassion that the aspect brings to yourself. Chiron, the wounded healer, will enter retrograde in Aries on the same day, until December 19th. During the next few months, you will be confronted with past hurts and traumas. 

If necessary, you should be compassionate with yourself and take time off from work if you need it. In addition, you run the risk of working too hard to avoid past hurts from surfacing. Retrograde is the time to sort it out and deal with it. During this time, you might want to consider working with a therapist if you don’t already. 

New success is likely to come your way on July 17th when the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. You will also be inclined to create new goals. At the same time, you may feel extra competitive and envious right now, so you want to be careful not to let it consume you. We’ll see how the rest of the signs do this week. 

Aries – This week you are creatively energized, but you will soon face a problem where you will have to confront your insecurities. You won’t find it easy to do that. A competitor might make you feel threatened. Your improved intuition can help you determine the best course of action this week. 

Taurus – If you invite some colleagues over to your home for drinks, the energies are with you. Like Aries, you may feel threatened by someone you see as your competitor in your network. You may feel tempted to look down on them somehow, but you should deal with it without being antagonistic. Instead, examine their techniques and apply them to your own. 

Gemini – You will find out this week what makes you tick, as you are moved in a way you didn’t expect. The secret tactic will also be helpful to your business, and you will not want to share it for fear of your competition taking advantage of it at your expense. However, you’ll know if you’d like to give even a hint away. 

Cancer – You will feel compelled to dig deep into a topic of interest that has nothing to do with your work. On Udemy, you can take a leisurely course on it so you can learn more about it. Then, towards the end of the week, you can expect some power struggles, which may be career- or business-related. 

Leo – You can build up your network this week as the stars predict that you will make new friends and make potential business connections. 

On the other hand, you may become troubled about your schedule toward the end of the week. Perhaps you are taking on more than you can handle at the moment. There may be something you can eliminate or delegate. 

Virgo – This week, your biggest challenge will be feeling guilty about turning down the temptation to do favors for others. It’s important to remember the power of “no” so you can maintain your boundaries and inner peace. For example, it is courteous to politely say no to someone when they ask you to do their job because they are going on vacation, rather than allowing guilt to make you take on more work. 

Libra – The projects you are working on at work will become more creative. In the end, you will feel that you cannot win. You feel like others are judging you harshly for things you cannot control, and you also believe that you are underappreciated for how much work you put in and how much more you do! Since you don’t like conflict, you tend to become passive-aggressive. You will want to be careful with that. 

Scorpio – It is still an ideal time to find new ways to relax after a long day of work. You will also feel more creative, and your intuition will be heightened. Therefore, you will likely feel compelled to dig deeper into a situation that comes up based on its more challenging aspects this week. There will be an intense desire to unravel some mysteries, and the energies are there to help you find the answers you seek. 

Sagittarius – You can expect some good news regarding work this week, so everything looks bright. However, you may also be tempted to get involved in an adventurous activity this week due to your challenging energies. That is an excellent way to get rid of frustrations and tense energies. 

Capricorn – Your attitude towards income, debt, and issues about your money may change for the better. Perhaps you will also be able to become more generous with your money. There will be some power struggles towards the end of the week, which will force you to examine your ego. If you are responding to difficult situations in a way that isn’t always constructive, then you need to read why. 

Aquarius – This week, your creativity will be intense, and you will also be thinking about how to acquire more money with it. After reflecting on yourself for the better part of the year, you will realize that you need to kick more bad habits to help things work out better for you toward the end of the week. 

Pisces – You will have an easier time quitting bad habits or finding a good routine this week because the early part of the week is favorable for you. If you have the time, you can even start a new work project. However, towards the end of the week, you will be tasked with examining your power struggles and control issues. To make this new project successful, you need to resolve those issues or work on them constantly. 

Next week, the spotlight will shift from Cancer to Leo – which will make them very happy! Meanwhile, try to get through some of the problematic aspects of the week.