Firstly, as their official season begins this week, this is a significant week for Leo. Let’s take a look at other things before diving into that aspect of this week. Mercury in Cancer will sextile Uranus in Taurus on July 20th, providing an opportunity for you to come up with creative ways to solve problems. On July 21st, Venus leaves Leo and moves into Virgo. Through practical means, you can find valuable connections, whether they are business or personal. Your values will be brought back into line with the transit. Secondly, on the 22nd, the Sun moves into Leo (Happy Birthday, Leo). 

Now is the time when all of us are embracing the bold side of Leo, as everyone will want to show off achievements proudly, and regardless of your Sun sign, now is the time to do that. Also, the season is there to remind you to follow your heart and keep your head on! 

Secondly, July 24th is the Aquarius Full Moon, which is a great day to expand your networks and reach out to them. Reach out to those in your network and say ‘hello’ at least once a week to show them you appreciate them. How will your sign do this week? 

Aries – Your creative abilities continue to soar, and you are experiencing more playful energy than work-related energy. So while you are completing your routines, have some fun. It’s a great week for a cocktail party, so invite some colleagues over. 

Taurus – Your home and family life are highlighted this week more than work. Aries has the energies to host a party or host an entertaining party at home, and you may have the urge to decorate your home and home office. In addition, there is a chance you’ll hear something about a colleague through the grapevine or receive some unexpected news. 

Gemini – You may receive a reward of some sort this week. Maybe a grateful client will give you an unexpected bonus, or maybe you’ll get a raise at work without expecting it. Don’t get carried away by overspending, overeating, or overdrinking, as the energies may challenge you in those areas.

Cancer – As has been the case for some time, you will still be considering ways to increase your income and improve your budget. Of course, there will be a tendency to overindulge, but your practical thinking will keep that to a minimum. 

Leo – Your birthday season begins in the middle of the week. The challenge this week will be to resist the urge to tell someone off (in a diplomatic manner, of course), but it will be to your advantage to listen to what they say. A change of perspective will be necessary for you during the Full Moon. 

Virgo – As Venus enters your sign, networking is a good option for you. You can expand your network by attending local events (unless you are still more comfortable with virtual). Venus in your sign will also make you feel more social. But it would help if you still had time to reflect on your own, so make sure you get plenty of private time. During the time of the Full Moon, you will receive the answers you have been reflecting on. 

Libra – This week, you will have some ah-ha moments, and one of them will involve connecting with other groups with similar interests and hobbies. While you can network for business purposes as well, this week’s focus is more on your leisure side of life. Taking time from your busy work schedule to relax and slow down is actually encouraged. 

Scorpio – Your week will be filled with the desire to connect with others on an intellectual level, as you may join some trivia-like groups virtually or in person. You will also feel extra productive at work this week. While your thought processes will be very active, you will also see a more positive side to things such as increased productivity and practicality and expanding your mind. 

Sagittarius – In the past, you may have felt taken advantage of or taken for granted. Your well-earned recognition is likely to come your way shortly for something that you’ve accomplished or for a good deed you’ve done. There is also the possibility of receiving an unexpected raise from your employer or an unexpected gift from a client. You will have a happy week this week, I’m sure. 

Capricorn – This week, you will have an abundance of creativity, which you will need to solve a work-related issue. During the Full Moon, you will make some discoveries about your finances and investments since some funds will perform better in other investments. This week, you should make an appointment with your financial planner. 

Aquarius – It’s a big week for you because, during the time leading up to the Full Moon, you’ll discover something about yourself that you didn’t know before – even when you’d done plenty of soul-searching. It may be something that has kept you from living up to your potential, and knowledge is power. You will then have to decide how to deal with the problem. 

Pisces – This week is the best time to focus on self-care. If you audit your diet, you may find that you should eliminate certain foods. Get organized and perhaps organize your home office or office at work. Also, make sure you get plenty of sleep and spend time with yourself. If you take good care of yourself, you will not be affected by sleeping during Full Moons. This week, you are rebooting yourself. 

Next week’s energies will be more challenging, and retrograde Jupiter will also move back into Aquarius, so you may want to tie up loose ends from earlier in the year. It’s hard to believe that August is almost here!