This week is filled with activity, as it begins with the Sun entering Cancer, which will cause you to focus more on your home and family. Next month is also Cancer’s birthday month, and Venus in Cancer will trine Neptune in Pisces, so this is an excellent time to be creative and affectionate. Pets are incredibly affectionate towards their owners. After a long day at work, who could resist that?

During the 22nd, Mercury goes direct, which means you will soon be able to make plans, create projects, and have them stick to your life, and not have to deal with the frustrations of the retrograde. However, let it settle for a few weeks after it’s out of its shadow period since there will still be some kinks. 

Then on the 23rd, the Sun will trine Jupiter in Pisces, which means you will feel incredibly generous such as taking a colleague or client out for lunch or dinner. You may also receive a bonus as well which means this is an excellent aspect for gaining money. However, at the same time, Venus will oppose Pluto in Capricorn, which means that there will be a power struggle of some sort that can elicit jealousy. There could be a problem with competition at this time, so be mindful. 

The on the 24th, there will be a Capricorn Full Moon which will highlight your career and personal life. You may receive some sort of recognition award, or you may be given an extra layer of responsibility. But you don’t have to take it all in at once, especially since the day after, Neptune will head into retrograde, which will make you tired and will begin to heighten your intuition. However, it is also perfect for creativity as you will receive extra help regarding that since Venus will be moving into Leo on the 27th. Let’s see how the signs do this week. 

Aries – You will feel quite generous this week because of the transits. It may not be necessary to take someone out to eat. Nevertheless, you will be accommodating with the information you provide by sharing some secrets about your success. Therefore, others can take advantage of it. 

Taurus – You have a message that you wanted to broadcast to those in your networks. Between Mercury going direct and the other transits happening in addition to the Full Moon, you will be sharing something that will inspire others and make them think. Now is also an excellent time to catch up on conversations you have wanted to have for some time. 

Gemini – Money is on your mind this week, and the energies will highlight ways for you to save better, budget better, save better, and identify ways for you to earn more money. As a result of the Full Moon’s influence, you will also be facing issues involving taxes, debts, and shared resources. 

Cancer – You are usually a generous person as you give a lot of yourself, but you will find yourself extra helpful this week as you will want to even have a dinner party for those you work with or even for friends. However, always remember to stick to your boundaries and don’t allow your guests to make you be the one to clean up their messes if you end up hosting a party. 

Leo – You will finally find yourself quickly getting a project completed that you have been working on for some time with the help of the Full Moon. This week’s energies will boost your creativity and intuition as well, which can improve your productivity and work output. You will feel better that things will come to you with ease as you found yourself struggling for a while. 

Virgo – This week will bring to light anything that confuses or makes you feel insecure. Therefore, you must face them and find a way to handle them as well. As a second consequence, you may find yourself in a conflict with someone you find manipulative, in which case you may need a third party to mediate the situation. The person you are having a problem with will either come from a professional setting or be a family member. 

Libra – Others will see your success, and beware that you may be on the receiving end of someone’s envy this week. You may not know it as you may have a secret competitor or enemy watching you. Carry around black tourmaline to help ward off negativity. You will also encourage the energies to utilize more of a creative approach to your work and home life. 

Scorpio – You will have a productive week, but at the same time, the energies may tire you out, and you may need to have a mental vacation. It is critical not to allow yourself to the point of becoming burned out. Pay extra attention to how you feel and utilize plenty of self-care this week as well. That can be as simple as reading your favorite novel with relaxing music playing in the background. 

Sagittarius – This week, your ruling planet is highly influential, so that you will be extra generous. You will also put a lot of creativity into your work. You will also be in a position to assume new responsibilities regarding money. You will get a promotion, but you will have to focus on its commitments. You may have to become more responsible with your finances. 

Capricorn – This is the week when you will not repress your emotions even though you try to do that often because it is your nature. However, you will not hold in negative emotions as you will no longer deny that you are envious of someone you find to be more successful than you. You will no longer be able to be quiet about any resentments and anger that you feel. The best thing to do is to journal your feelings and don’t be afraid to have a good cry. Therefore, your productivity may falter a little, but it is essential to release these emotions so you can get back on track again. 

Aquarius – You will have the urge to decorate your home office, and you may have an attraction to art. Don’t be surprised if you head over to the art gallery and maybe pick up a picture to put in your home office. Or, you may simply design it differently. However, you are up for a creative change in your work environment. 

Pisces – This is the week where you do not want to hang onto the past and want to look forward. It may be the result of Mercury going direct and the Full Moon’s energies combined. However, you really do not want to look back, and you are in a great position to manifest what you want, so keep your eye on that and take advantage of the favoring energies for helping you do that. 

Isn’t it hard to believe that June has almost come to an end? July will be a busy month energy-wise as well!