The week starts with you feeling pretty powerful. The Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn, as you will be in control of everything and have the ability to manage any intensity you must face. On the 19th, Venus in Gemini makes a trine to Saturn in Aquarius, a good aspect for networking. You will also make time to be with those who matter to you the most on that day. In other words, you will take your relationships and friendships seriously. 

On May 20th, Sun moves into Gemini (Happy Birthday, Gemini), and you will have the urge to express who you are and exchange ideas with those close to you. Brainstorming is something you will have the desire to do. However, be cautious as around the same time, the Sun will make a square to Jupiter in Pisces, which can cause you to tend to indulge. Therefore, be cautious when it comes to any spending and eating habits, for instance. 

On May 23rd, Saturn in Aquarius goes into retrograde until October 11th, and you will do a lot of fine-tuning in your life that requires self-improvement and development. For instance, if you are afraid to be on video, this is the time to begin working on that fear and inch out of your comfort zone. However, don’t make any decisions to make changes on that day as at the same time, technically starting on the 22nd, Mercury in Gemini makes a square to Neptune in Pisces. That means you will not be thinking clearly, and be careful not to believe everything you see and hear as it is an opportunity that scammers take advantage of for that apparent reason. 

Mercury is also in its shadow, as the following week, it goes into retrograde so that you may feel those energies. Expect there to be mixed messages, misunderstandings, and missed emails, forgotten appointments, and other frustrations. Let’s see how your sign does this week. 

Aries – You will feel you are in complete control of yourself and your fate. You will need to keep yourself mentally stimulated this week as you plan on making any dream, big or small, into reality. You may even incline to enroll in a course that will help you achieve something that you want. For instance, if you’re going to become a better speaker, you will enroll in a study on public speaking. 

Taurus – The post-pandemic life weighs heavily on your mind this week because you will be thinking about what you want to do once this is over. The one thing that you cannot wait to do is to travel, whether it is for business and pleasure. Therefore, you will be brainstorming and thinking about the places you want to visit and create a way to turn that to reality when the time is right!

Gemini – This is your birthday week. You have the urge to begin focusing on the present instead of the past. However, you know that old wounds cannot disappear, as you will do more work with your therapist if you have been seeing one before this week. If not, you will have the urge to see one. You will notice that your old wounds hurt your success and productivity, and you want to change that. 

Cancer – You will want to take the time to do some restructuring, reorganizing, and reviewing based on the fact that the energies from Saturn in retrograde are heavy, particularly for you as it is the ruler of your opposite sign. You have been feeling the shadow for some time, but this week you will focus on this even more. You are also feeling the energies of Mercury’s shadow, which is influencing you too with that. 

Leo – The energies this week are excellent for working on a fun project, whether it is one from work or one you are doing for yourself. Now is a wonderful week to ensure that your goals align with those you work with, as the Saturn and Venus trine have a significant impact on you. 

Virgo – You may feel the threat from competition, which is why this is an excellent time to seek help from mentors, higher-ups, and leaders who can guide you on how to beat them. If you don’t have your own business, you still need help from those who can provide you professional guidance to help you improve your work performance. It does feel good to be the employee of the month!

Libra – Expect to have a busy week with clients booking you up or having extra work piled onto you at your job. Just be cautious that you don’t take on too much as the possibility is there that can happen based on the Sun square Jupiter aspect. The last thing you want to have to happen is to overbook yourself to the point you cannot deliver!

Scorpio – You still are in a good week for releasing any baggage from the past that could cause you to hold onto grudges. You will also incline to talk to those close to you about serious matters, and this is also a good week to keep auditing your budget, taxes, and debts. 

Sagittarius – The energies support you this week to gain clarity on your goals and standards. You will know what you want for your future and your goals and plans that you will make to attain them. You will have to commit yourself to work on those plans to achieve your goals the best way possible. Therefore, do not allow anything to distract you from reaching them. 

Capricorn – This is an excellent week to focus on your enthusiasm and creativity, which you can add to your work, projects, and other aspects of your life that are important to you. You will also be focused on your health and wellness, and make changes to your diet and lifestyle – and stick with them. You will find that even your productivity can improve from making some minor lifestyle changes. 

Aquarius – You have been doing a lot of shadow work over the past several months, and you are opening the possibility of you bringing new friends to your life. The one thing to focus on this week is to audit your commitments and responsibilities. You always want to stick with your obligations, but not when it comes to other duties you can easily delegate. You may feel regret about having to make a specific commitment. You know you have to follow through, but you will also see that you will not want to do the same thing in the future. 

Pisces – You have been thinking about what you want in your professional or personal life. Now is the week to sit down with those involved and talk to them about your wishes and desires. That way, you will know whether or not you will get the support you need for it. If someone is unwilling to support you, you will want to re-evaluate your overall relationship with them. You may have to keep them in your life, but their lack of support will change your view of them. However, always consider the possibility that they may come around at a later point too. 

Taurus season ends, and Gemini season begins. You can already see that this is the time that involves making changes for the better.