Some significant transits are happening this week, as May 26th is the Sagittarius Full Moon. That is known as the Blood Moon, which is a time to focus on your communication and truthfulness. Because this is a fire Full Moon, you will need to speak out, which you should do. Prepare yourself to take some heat by speaking the truth because not everyone will be open to what you need to say. You may need to speak up about the dissatisfaction that you have about coworkers slacking off, or you may need to give yourself some pep talks about your struggles with motivation. Your emotional side will not like it, but this is when you know you have to be serious about yourself.

Additionally, this is the total lunar eclipse on top of the Full Moon. That marks an end to situations and a beginning to new ones that will last for about six months, which will impact your emotions. Don’t be surprised if you find that your feelings are intense at this time, as that is what eclipses do. 

Following that, Mercury heads into retrograde in its home sign, Gemini, on the 29th, which lasts until the 22nd of June. Prepare yourself to deal with communication issues with colleagues, clients, as well as friends, and family. You may end up having to face computer issues as well as technical problems that can crop up, as well as forgotten and missed appointments. That will also impact your thought process. The Full Moon has happened during the shadow period of Mercury in retrograde made the experience more intense. Let’s see how your sign handles this week. 

Aries – Prepare yourself to have a potent conversation with someone that has been brewing for a while this week. You also need to be extra careful not to say anything that you may potentially regret because of the fiery energies from the Full Moon and being in Mercury’s shadow. However, you will feel better after speaking up about what has been bothering you. 

Taurus – This week, you will learn something surprising about money, taxes, and debts, and methods on how you can budget your savings better than you have. You will have the urge to let something from the past go as well that is no longer serving you, which will be a challenge because of your fixed nature. You may feel you are at a crossroads for this reason. 

Gemini – Expect to go through some physical shifts regarding your relationships. It could be that you may decide to leave a joint venture abruptly, or your business partner will leave you and that you have found someone else to take their place. That may also affect your relationships. But changes regarding relationships will happen this week. 

Cancer – You have needed to do a lot of restructuring and reorganizing over the last several weeks. That is because this week, you are in for a significant change in your work or personal routine. You might be assigned a new role or will have to work out of a new location. You don’t like sudden changes as it is, but you will handle this change much better than you would have otherwise since you have been doing some restructuring. 

Leo – This is an excellent week for any creative release as you have been creative for a while. However, before the retrograde begins, you may want to release a creative project you have been working on for some time. Or, the way it may affect you is if you have had writer’s block, you may end up finding it dissolves a lot this week. It will flow nicely for you.  

Virgo – You may make a discovery this week about your past and ancestors, which will significantly impact you. You may discover that you have some ethnic heritage that you knew nothing about, or you may have a well-known ancestor. Also, you will want to be mindful with your language this week as everyone around you will have extra sensitive. The last thing you need is to deal with arguments that will stress you more. 

Libra – You will need to get something off of your chest this week. If you have been resentful of a client because you feel you are doing too much for them for what you charge, then it is time to discuss raising your prices. If you think someone is taking advantage of you in any other way, then you need to get that off of your chest as well. You are diplomatic by nature, but with these intense, fiery energies, you may find yourself getting ahead of yourself, so be careful. 

Scorpio – You might learn some news regarding money this week, which could be from your investments and work, and it looks like it will be good news. You also may find yourself extra sensitive as well with the energies going on. Be careful not to behave in a passive-aggressive way or else that will evoke conflicts that you do not want. 

Sagittarius – You will find that this is a week mixed with closures from issues from the past as well as running into old clients or friends who you haven’t been in touch with for years that will serve a purpose in your life. The closures that will happen will help you move forward on an emotional and physical level because the lack of closures has weighed you down. 

Capricorn – The energies this week will cause you to have intense dreams filled with symbols and images. Pay attention to your dreams because they send messages that you need, which can help you navigate your professional and personal life over the next few weeks. Significant changes are happening over that time as well, which is the result of the eclipse. 

Aquarius – You will see plenty of endings and new beginnings. The friendships you were beginning to cultivate over the last week will start to form as you will find old friends will start to drift away.  You will also find that your desires and dreams will begin to change, as some things will start to manifest and other things you hoped would happen will drift away. You will not care about the things that you once cared about drifting away either. You were at one time ready to begin a project and never started it, but now you don’t watch to start it because you will see that it is not for you. 

Pisces – Something having to do with your career is changing, which means you will find that changing your schedules will be necessary. That is something you will prepare yourself to do this week. Because lunar eclipses are emotionally draining for you, you will need to get as much rest as you possibly can this week so you can be up for the changes you need to make. 

Last week was the calm before the storm, and this week is the storm as the end of the week is when Mercury goes into retrograde, which means next week there will be further changes! Stay calm and rest up this week!