There are some transits worth noting happening this week. That is because your means of communication and sociability will be affected. As of May 4th, Mercury enters its home Gemini from Taurus, which means you will be more versatile and agile. You will also communicate in a more assertive but not aggressive manner. Brainstorming and problem-solving will be easier with this placement.

On May 6th, Venus in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn, which means you will be willing to go out of your way to help someone in need. Perhaps it is a friend who struggles with a technical problem, and you will spend extra time helping them solve it even if you have to stay up late to do that. 

Nevertheless, on May 8th, Venus in Taurus squares Jupiter in Aquarius, which means you will put your focus on having fun and leave your responsibilities behind. That means you will put off your work to indulge in something fun. Furthermore, it may not be a bad idea to take the day off from work if you can do that. Otherwise, you may have difficulty finishing up projects. Therefore, you may put in some extra work before that day, so you keep as much work and pressure to a minimum on that particular day. 

On May 9th, Venus enters Gemini, which will help with tolerance and understanding, but you may keep an emotional distance simultaneously. That is an excellent placement to look at problems objectively instead of becoming too emotional. Let’s see how your sign handles the energies week. 

Aries – You will be in a position this week to monitor your spending habits, and you will have the urge to see if they align with how you save. If you spend more than you commit, then you will incline to correct that this week. You will have the realization before the big Venus and Jupiter square toward the end of the week. After you realize that you are spending too much, you will have the desire to budget better. 

Taurus – You know you prefer a luxurious lifestyle because that is your nature, and with the Sun in your sign right now, that is coming. However, you also know at the same time, you cannot live beyond your means. That will make you turn over to thinking about your income. Are you being paid enough for the work you do, whether you have a business of your own or working at a company? It is time to look into making some changes regarding that for yourself. 

Gemini – As your ruler moves into your sign, you are going to find yourself chattier than usual, and you will have racing thoughts too. Please take the opportunity to do some powerful brainstorming, and it is a great time to organize your books. You will reap the benefits of meditation this week as it will help quiet your mind. 

Cancer – You are intuitive by nature, and you know that you are not going to want to work during the middle of the week as you are sensing the giant Venus and Jupiter square. Therefore, you may schedule some time off this week so you can have some enjoyment once and for all.

Leo – You will need to be paying extra attention to your work this week as you will feel somewhat aggressive towards your competitors. As you usually like taking center stage, the energies this week will magnify that to you. If you see a competitor doing something creative with their work, you will one-up them and find a way to divert attention to the competitor over towards you. 

Virgo – Your ruler goes into the sign that squares your sign, but you will still benefit from the effects. You will have the mental clarity to focus on the essential aspects of your work and even possess the charm to network well with others. You could find some benefits through that. 

Libra – You like your comfort zone; however, this week, you will feel somewhat adventurous and move out of your comfort zone. Perhaps you will try a new restaurant, or try a new drink, or play a game you have never played before.  Whatever it is, go and enjoy it. 

Scorpio – As you spent last week examining the dormant areas of your life, this week, you are surely going to hear an uncomfortable truth about something. It won’t necessarily have to do with anyone betraying you, but it may have to do with the nature of your work or your financial status. Whatever you find, you will find the motivation to fix the issue.  

Sagittarius – Last week, you did some self-reflection on your ego versus your authentic self. It would help if you had some time to digest your discoveries, and that is what you are going to do this week. At the same time, you are looking to see what you can prioritize. It is best to ditch what you don’t need and outsource what you don’t need to do. 

Capricorn – Others may see you as workaholics, but the focus of this week is not even to work overtime as even you will want to take some time off from work during the Venus and Jupiter square. However, this week, the focus will be on you looking ahead to the next several months by looking into the budgets and schedules, including making changes to your lifestyle habits and so on. 

Aquarius – Saturn has been in your sign since December 2020; the effects will be highlighted more to you based on the transits happening this week. You have been busy self-reflecting and having to go through complex processes, as Saturn has been influencing you on that too. However, like Capricorn, you will be inclined to make plans for the future, which includes making changes and adjustments to short-term and long-term goals.  

Pisces – Anything to do with your home and hearth will focus on this week and for most of the month. Your work is always important but not the main focus for this week. That means you may prefer to work at home even if you can work elsewhere, and the inclination will be to spend more time with family and patch up issues you had with some family members. 

May is here, and it is hard to believe how time has been flying. Why not make the most of this week and do some brainstorming and problem-solving, as it is a good week to do that.