It was hard last week with so many complex energies to contend with, in addition to the eclipse and Mercury heading into retrograde just a few days ago. Wow, as that was too much to face.  However, here is good news. This week is lighter, and you need a more golden week because, over the next few weeks, there will be more trying energies, including a Gemini solar eclipse. 

Though, as the week begins, Mars in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces, which brings out a protective and compassionate nature in you. You want to help your friends in any way possible and support local businesses too. You will advertise for free on their behalf by giving them your word of mouth on social media or in other ways. 

Adding to that, Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer, where you will also feel as if you want to protect those who you care about immensely. You will feel affectionate with those who are close to you in the appropriate way. Nevertheless, this transit also reminds you to take care of your needs as you never want to neglect them. Let’s see how your sign does this week. 

Aries – You have had to do a lot of reprioritizing and figuring out what you need and don’t need. You will find that you can only give your attention to things that matter the most to you, and you don’t want to waste your time on anything that will not serve you in the end. You want to get out there and have some fun. However, you also know that you have a lot of organizing and prioritizing before you can relax. Now is a great time to focus on that. 

Taurus – Over the last week, you have been exploring different facts about finances. However, this week, you will discover that your relationship with money may not be entirely healthy, undermining your ability to accumulate more wealth than you have. You will want to explore and see where your shortfalls are when it comes to your relationship with money and finances so you can begin to fix it so you can become wealthy. 

Gemini – As you are still in your birthday month, more revelations are coming towards you. You discovered truths about your relationships last week. This week you will examine yourself by seeing how you fit with your career and habits. Are you happy with your results? That will be the question of the week. If you don’t like it, you will want to tap into what you can change to become happier with how you turn out in the next. 

Cancer – Last month has been quite intense for you, and you had to deal with so many shake-ups last week. Therefore, this is a good week to seek some respite. You may need to continue working if you have deadlines, but don’t overwork yourself and ensure that you have time for R&R and fun this week. You need some balance.  

Leo – You have been focusing on your creativity lately. However, this week, you are thinking a lot about your relationships on a professional and personal level. You are excited that you can begin doing things with others in person instead of virtually. The credit goes to the increased uptake of vaccines and declining covid cases. You may want to catch up with someone in your circle for dinner out. You may find yourself also lamenting on those relationships you lost throughout the pandemic for various reasons. You will grieve that loss. 

Virgo – You have done a lot of self-reflection, and you are going to think a lot about where you want your direction to go in life. That goes for your personal and professional life. What habits do you want to change? Do you want to change anything about yourself? These are the questions you will ask yourself. Make sure that you are also honest with yourself so you can head in the direction you want. It is better than only going through the motions. 

Libra – You have had to face some problematic energies lately, and as they ease up, you may find yourself having an easier time relaxing. Maybe you will begin a creative project. Perhaps you will change some aspect of your life. Regardless of what you do, you will have more energy to be creative. 

Scorpio – You have been dealing with some difficult memories from the past. Unfortunately, this week will still be a struggle. However, you may make some discoveries on how some old wounds got there within your thoughts, and then you will find a way to work with it. Maybe you will decide to come to accept these wounds as part of you. As long as you can find a way to move forward regardless of how you handle it, then you can continue doing well in all aspects of your life.

Sagittarius – Your relationships have been the focus lately. This week you will continue to focus on them. Maybe you will see that you give more attention and time to those who don’t appreciate you fully. That causes you to feel resentful and drained. You will want to evaluate how you want to handle them going forward after seeing that being the case. 

Capricorn – Last week, you wanted to pay attention to vivid dreams. That is because they have been sending you messages and interpreting them is easy to do. Just do an internet search as you will begin to find answers, even if they are conflicting. Something will resonate with you. Once it does, you will find that there is truth to an issue you are facing which the dreams are offering you awareness about them so you can look for solutions. 

Aquarius – You have been going through so many intense months and facing some new beginnings and endings. This week, stay away from that and focus on having some fun. Enjoy some breaks, even if you don’t plan on taking any vacation time this week. Have you forgotten to have fun? If so, this is the week to figure out how to do that once again! 

Pisces – The focus lately has been your home and work, but you will focus on your home this week. If you have a home business or home office that you work from, you may want to change it around. Maybe some renovations could be in the plans. Perhaps you want to work from another room to set as an office. The changes in your home office can help you become more productive. Or, maybe you need to make some changes in your kitchen to prepare food efficiently.

Last week was not easy; this week is calmer, but prepare yourself for some trying energies in the weeks ahead. It is nothing you cannot handle and nothing you have not experienced. Just ensure that you get proper rest this week as it is essential.