Mars is now direct which will bring a lot of relief in the air. There are some notable transits happening this week to know about, starting with Venus in Libra squaring Jupiter in Capricorn. Be careful to not overspend your money and overindulge.

On the 19th, Mercury will reach its station. That only means all of the kinks from the retrograde will disappear and complete clarity will return. You will want to make some changes and adjustments if you did some work during the retrograde. That can only mean that errors made during that time would start showing up. 

On the 21st, Venus enters Scorpio which will make you have more of an ‘all or nothing’ way of mentality. You could experience some envy and jealousy.

Just know that the day after, Sun moves into Sagittarius (Happy Birthday Sagittarius) and you will find that during this time and during the entire Sagittarius season, you will want to connect to something spiritual. You will want to connect with anything that is greater than yourself. 

Let’s see how the week goes for you based on your sign:

Aries – Any anger and feelings of resentment you will want to let go of this week. You normally are the type to make your grievances known. With Mercury back at its station, talk to those diplomatically who have been upsetting you so you can find a resolution. 

Taurus – Reflecting on your own wants, needs, and goals is something to do right now. You could find that there is something missing from your life. You will want to add something to it, and this is a good week to make that determination. Go ask yourself what you will want to have in your life as you enter the new year. 

Gemini – The Sun is approaching your opposing sign, there you will feel the urge to form some partnerships of some sort and make some commitments. Even though commitments are not wanted, in this case you are ready to make them help you reach your goals.  

Cancer – You will be urged to examine your current daily routines and see what is working for you and what is not. You will see how you can make adjustments to your days and how you can calibrate your calendar. If you are working for someone else, you may not have that type of flexibility. However, for your personal life, you can make these adjustments to make your life better. 

Leo – If you have been wanting to make changes to your social media accounts, or to your website, then this is a good week to do that. Maybe you will want to change the type of content you are sharing whether it is in your blogs or social media. You may want to clean up what you are sharing so you can improve your image as well. 

Virgo – Have you had the urge to purge your social media connections? Then go with that this week. Your feelings of insecurity are up and you only want to see content that will be more uplifting and not cause you to feel even worse. 

Libra – Since you have been spending a lot of money lately, you are doing that because you are feeling that you are missing so much from your life. The pandemic has caused you to separate from your friends and doing those zoom chats is not cutting it. It is okay to responsibly to see your friends in a socially distanced way. Why not go to a park and have a socially distanced get together with your friends. You need that connection. 

Scorpio – Money matters are the focus of the week as you will be heavily focusing on personal finances. What will it take to make sure that your currency flows in a way that will not make you anxious? Maybe it is time to reflect on your perception of value and why not journal it as well. 

Sagittarius – There are still much-needed emotional changes to make this week. After doing so much reflecting and after being retrospective, you will have a surge of creativity right around your birthday season. Take advantage of that and just go nuts with what you can create. 

Capricorn – It is really time to examine the things that serve you and the things that drain you, and what cycles you want to see come to an end. Only focus on your priorities and either put the rest on the back burner or delegate and purge the rest. You will not feel so burned out and underappreciated when you can focus on the things that are truly important to you. 

Aquarius – You are shedding your old self and this is the time to slowly inch out of your comfort zone. Check out the hobbies and other interests that can keep you occupied and help you create a new identity since that is what you are basically doing.  

Pisces – The energy this week illuminates your career zone which means you will be seeing a lot of movement relevant to your career life. Be proud of your achievements because you really had worked hard for them. Take into consideration what kind of implications your personal progress has on your overall professional and personal connections and life. 

We are halfway past November! Do you know what that means? have less than two months of 2020 left. That is something alone to look forward to!