One thing to look forward to this week is that Mercury goes direct on November 3rd which happens to be Election Day in the US. Therefore, this means that there will finally be more clarity after that. But, Mercury will still be in its shadow for a few weeks which means there will be more kinks to work out, so you won’t be out of the woods quite yet.

Not to mention, Mercury will be squaring Saturn in Capricorn since Mercury did head back to Libra. That can cause you to have restrictive and pessimistic thinking. In addition to that, you may be also feeling some aggression as Venus in Libra will oppose Mars in Aries which will finally be out of retrograde next week. However, even though it is a relief that Mercury is direct, being alone this week will be your preference. Let’s see how else you will do this week based on your sign. 

Aries – Don’t be surprised that the energies this week are sapping your enthusiasm. You may feel alone and unsupported when it comes to you wanting to move forward with your goals. However, never forget there is support around you because there are coaches and therapists who can help when you are in need of some encouragement.

Taurus – You may feel discouraged as you are not getting the encouragement you need from your colleagues and friends. There will be plenty of stress at home and at work. You could be quite tempted to call it a day early and watch some television and eat some snacks, and head to bed early. If you can take some time off and you have a light load, then you should do it so you recharge. 

Gemini – Even though the energies are difficult, you will feel more productive this week in general. This means you will get more work done around the house or apartment. That is because you feel the effects of your ruler going direct. It really feels like a big weight has been released off of your shoulders. 

Cancer – Your mood and productivity will highly depend on your environment. Therefore, you want to make it pleasant. That can mean to put some crystals on your desk such as the amethyst, but it also means putting the radio on a radio station that plays music that is in the genre of your liking. These small things will make a world of a difference for you.

Leo – You will be feeling quite discouraged this week as you will struggle to get along with colleagues, friends, and family. But you will force yourself to be diplomatic because you don’t really want to get into any huge arguments. You are feeling the tension in the air a lot this week and you will want to find a way to release it in a productive way or else you could blow up. 

Virgo – You will have a hectic week, and you will be affected by the Mars and Venus opposition. That is due to your ruler going direct as it will be in Libra at this time. Prepare for the possibility that you will feel flustered from it being hectic. There will be a lot of disorganization around you which will also bring a lot of stress and anxiety. You may want to take the weekend to really recharge as much as possible. 

Libra – Normally you don’t like to be alone, but because of the intensity of the energies, as well as your ruler being in opposition with Mars, you will want to do things solo this week. Being alone as much as possible this week is what you will want to do, and it may be in your best interest to do so.

Scorpio – You will be having to create a balance between work and domestic responsibilities this week which may be tricky as you will find that both will be equally demanding. Don’t forget to take time for yourself or else you will quickly lose patience. 

Sagittarius – You will be struggling with feeling optimistic this week because you are feeling that you are working too hard for very little rewards and you feel you are putting out more than you are getting back. You may be on the verge of giving up and maybe it is best to scale back your efforts this week. However, don’t throw in the towel completely. 

Capricorn – You may feel quite slighted as you have been quite generous but you are feeling that your generosity has been taken for granted. The lesson for you is to only give from your heart without having any expectations of any kind. 

Aquarius – You have had a rough time with your mental and spiritual health lately, however, you will feel better this week. Maybe you will be offered a promotion or you will receive heartfelt praise. Either way, you will be patting yourself on the back with a good reason!

Pisces – This week and the next few weeks will be slow, but you will not face oppression. You will continue to keep working and putting in your time. You will get support if you need it, and frustrations will be at a minimum. Enjoy the quiet for now.

This will be a bit of a stress-filled week! However, as the month progresses, the energies will lighten up some! Hang in there because that is all you can do.