After Mars finally went direct last week, you are relieved. You can find it within to motivate yourself so you can do the things that you couldn’t during the retrograde. 

That means you are starting off the Sagittarius season with a fresh and invigorating feeling which will help you become more productive. Adding to that on the 29th, Neptune in Pisces goes direct which may not help with increased productivity. However, it will help make your mind clearer. When Neptune was in retrograde, that caused you to not think clearly and with it being direct you will be grounded.

As the week finishes off, the Gemini Full Moon and lunar eclipse comes into effect, so let’s see how you do this week based on your sign. 

Aries –  You are ready to start new things after your ruler went direct and you are open to exploring new things. Even though traveling is not possible given that there is a situation with the global pandemic, you can still find creative ways to check new things and places out virtually. 

Taurus – You know what your needs and wants are and this week you will find a way to go after it.  The only issue that you will face is that you don’t like to take different forms of action to attain your wants, needs, and goals. You will have to learn to become flexible which is going to be a challenge for you in order for you to attain your goals.

Gemini – Forming partnerships is the best way to go to attain your goals. Therefore, this week you will end up connecting with new alliances that can help make your dreams come true. Work on the fact that you have to stay committed to help them achieve their goals so they help you in return. 

Cancer – You are shifting around your schedule and your routines. With Neptune heading direct, you will gain even more clarity on how to make your days better and add more productivity to your days. The change in your perspective will happen even more with the Full Moon next week. 

Leo – Focus on launching a new Instagram or Facebook page for your business, hobby, or yourself. You are full of fire and inspiration which means not to overthink what you want to share. Share the content that comes from the heart which makes it authentically from you. 

Virgo – This week’s focus involves your home and family. You have been out of sorts for a while which means you may have an argument with a family member or a relative over clashing perspectives. However, the issues will blow over and soon you will begin to feel better. You will become more confident about what you value. 

Libra – You are currently on the path of figuring out what is really missing from your life. Connecting with your network and social connections last week was the focus as you miss your social life. Unfortunately, everyone’s lives have been affected by the pandemic. Remember that this will not last, and you will start realizing what you should go after next week. You will end up with more clarity from Neptune going direct as well as the Gemini Full Moon. 

Scorpio – Your personal finances was the key concern last week. This week, your main focus will be your self-worth. In what areas do you feel your self-worth is suffering, and how can you fix that? If you don’t have the answers, don’t worry as it will come to you with the Full Moon. Besides, with your sharp perceptive ways, you will figure it out very fast. 

Sagittarius – Well, your birthday season is in full force now, and you are full of creativity. Just like Leo, you will be inclined to do an overhaul of your website and social media networks. Focus on cleaning up what no longer resonates with you. Start considering creating some rebranding ideas or anything else that can serve your purpose. You want to make sure that you take advantage of your strong creativity right now. 

Capricorn –  Work on releasing emotional baggage that has been holding you down for a while this week. You need to remove that so you can open yourself to new opportunities that are there waiting for you. They will show up soon enough and before you know it. If you have not yet done so already, consider consulting with a therapist or an astrologer to help you get to where you need to be.

Aquarius – You have been working on finding yourself lately. You are exploring new hobbies that you can get yourself into which means it is time to find your people! The ones who are meant to stay in your life for the time being anyway. Even though no face-to-face social events are happening, meet up with them in groups virtually. This will be good for you on so many levels. 

Pisces – There was a reason you wanted to acknowledge your achievements last week. You do want to be proud of your accomplishments. However,  this week, figure out how you want to inspire others. That is because you are a lot more inspiring than you think! Put it out to the universe as well that you want to attract those who are looking for your inspiration so you don’t waste your time!

There is just over one more month of 2020 and no one is counting, right?