Thanksgiving is over, and the holiday season kicks off. And this week starts with the Gemini Full Moon, which is also the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse intensifies the Full Moon effects, which means your emotions and intuition are amplified. Eclipses also mean that things in your life come to an end, whereas new things are on the horizon. This Full Moon will have a significant impact on your communication and thoughts since it is in Gemini. You may speak without a filter under the influence of the Sagittarius Sun and Gemini moon opposition.  Therefore, be careful to use your words wisely. 

You will also crave so much fun, and even though 2020 has made that difficult, you will have to improvise as far as how you find it.  Don’t forget there is a reason to be optimistic in 2021 as vaccine approvals are on their way, which means likely in the middle part of the year; you will see normalcy finally start returning. 

On December 1st, Mercury moves into Sagittarius, which will also help you look at things more optimistically. Therefore, that is a good thing. How do you do this week based on your sign?

Aries – The eclipse will affect your group of friends as you will find yourself outgrowing many of your old friends. And that is not a bad thing as well have the urge to make room for new friends. It will be hard emotionally, but as an Aries, you bounce back quickly from difficulty. 

Taurus – This week, you will begin to find compassion for your imperfections since everyone has them. You do look for perfection as you have an earth sign, but you know you are also human, and making mistakes does not make you less worthy than anyone else. No one is perfect, after all. 

Gemini – This eclipse is affecting you significantly, given your sun sign. You are going to seal some business deals and find some long-term clients. Whatever you do, do not shy away from your commitments. As a Gemini, that can be a challenge, but keep an eye on the prize, which will motivate you to keep it. 

Cancer – You have been taking care of everyone else, and it is time to start investing in some self-care. Take some extra time for yourself, and even consider taking a few days off of work. Even though going to the spa is not a good idea, you can always create a home-spa. Get creative with your self-care routine this week as you need it. 

Leo – You will see that you have overcome so much this week and the challenges that you had no choice but to overcome and get through. This is something you may not realize, but you have accumulated wisdom, and you will find yourself passing some of that onto others this week. 

Virgo – You see that there is never a need to be concerned about how others see you and to focus on your own peace instead. Restore your own self-esteem, which means to remind yourself of your skills and how great you are at them. Remind how you have helped others by using them too. Whatever other people think of you isn’t your business. The way you think of yourself, however, is your business. 

Libra – The Full Moon and Mercury transit will have a significant effect on your earning potential. You want to earn more because more money means extra security. There is nothing wrong with wanting to invest in nice things, which is why you may look for additional ways to earn extra income. However, you will also evaluate the items and services you are spending money on and make some commitments to adjust your spending and saving habits.  

Scorpio – The Full Moon will have a strong effect on your intuition, and you are quite intuitive, to begin with. Never second guess any instincts that come to you. If you have a strong feeling about something, whether you like it or not, then there is a reason for that and keep that in mind. 

Sagittarius – This lunar eclipse is foreshadowing some significant changes to come for you. What is it that you want to accomplish in the new year? Set the intention to do that and create an action plan to go for it. You are wonderful with moving out of your comfort zone because, after all, you are a Sagittarius. 

Capricorn – Normally, you are quite practical, and you don’t pay much attention to your intuition. However, the effect of the Full Moon this week is that it will ignite your intuition. Those hunches you are getting, do not second-guess them. Act on them and listen to them right away because you are highly intuitive this week, and you want to make the most of it. 

Aquarius – How can you help others in a significant way? That is on your mind, and that is how you naturally are, to begin with. This Full Moon will make you think more about how you can make a significant impact somehow for the better. Find a cause you want to support and get some help, and do it alone will be difficult. 

Pisces – You’ll be seeing signs this week of a significant change that will happen in your life. It may involve a possible relocation, a new line of work, a new career, or a significant change to your personal life in other ways. But, don’t act on anything yet, even if the urges are there. Remember that other future powerful transits will piece this together for you. But whatever changes are happening, you are starting to feel, be sure to note them, so you don’t forget!

As you enter the last month of 2020, you will be so happy to see this year is on its way out. There are so many things to look forward to next year as there will be so much to rebuild.