Wow, there is so much happening this week! As you know last week there was so much relief about Mercury going direct. On the 10th, Mercury heads back into Scorpio as it was in Libra for a while. Your perceptions will be stronger and you will have a clearer mind which means there will be fewer frustrations and delays.

Then on the 12th, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn make another conjunction. The first one occurred on April 5th, and the second one occurred on June 30th as both planets were in retrograde which made it weaker. This upcoming conjunction will help you figure out how to defeat challenges successfully and effectively. You usually are not aware of the strength you have, but when the conjunctions happen, you will find it. 

On November 13th, Mars finally goes direct as it was in retrograde since September 9th. That has caused a lot of passive-aggressive behavior, as well as misdirected anger, lack of motivation, and lethargy which explains why you were out of sorts. You will be in tune with your instincts as well, and while Mercury is direct in Scorpio, in addition to Mars in direct again in Aries, you will be able to make quick decisions easier.

The week finally ends with the Scorpio New Moon. That will give you the opportunity to start unlocking ways to make your dreams come true. Let’s see how you do this week.

Aries – You will be happy to feel the energetic shifts as your ruler goes direct this week. Since Mercury already went direct, you will finally have the energy to find it within you to be productive and motivated once again. It will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Taurus – You have been feeling discouraged lately since you have not gotten the support you had hoped to get. However, with Mars going direct, you will feel that you have the confidence to say something and tell anyone who has not been particularly supportive, the truth about how you have felt. You will feel better based on that alone.

Gemini – You are no stranger to multi-tasking, but you will need to focus your energies on doing the tasks that you need to do right away. They need your undivided attention so you can get them done as they are the priority.  After that, you can finish up the other tasks that you intended to complete. 

Cancer – The pressure you have been under since both Mercury and Mars went into retrograde has been a lot which has made you quite tired. When Mars goes direct, it will hit you how exhausted you really. Especially since you have been operating on autopilot most of the time. This is the week to start delegating tasks that you don’t need to do so you can catch up on the rest that you really need. 

Leo – Discouragement and disappointments are something you have faced lately. However, this week you will start to see a glimmer of hope. Maybe someone will offer to do something helpful and kind to you which may be the light you need. But whatever it is, you will feel better.

Virgo – You have been stressed due to disarray because of Mercury and Mars in retrograde and the latter fortunately ends. You can sign a relief based on that, but you will be feeling somewhat slighted and you cannot help your emotions. You may be feeling pangs of envy towards those who accomplished more than you have, but with the New Moon coming, you will feel as if you have a fresh start to look forward to.

Libra – There will be those urges to spend money once Mars goes direct. That is also going to be the time for you to reflect on your finances. If you are spending more than you make, you will want to consider scaling back and looking into purchasing items you need at discounted prices. You may also want to look and see how you can make more money as well. 

Scorpio – This week, you will be feeling the energies strongly on how to set your intentions and plant the seeds you want to plant during the New Moon in your sign. This is a good week for you to brainstorm those ideas as well as your desires. What do you want to accomplish during the rest of the year? Create a plan to turn it into reality. 

Sagittarius – The last few weeks have been rough where your natural optimistic state has been tested. You are trying to move forward and you are still feeling somewhat stuck, even with Mars going direct. You will still be going through the motions because you don’t have a choice really but once the New Moon approaches, you will finally be able to clear up some emotional blockages. Next week you will feel better. 

Capricorn – You will feel much better this week and you were struggling with maintaining your boundaries. You felt you were taken for granted and the thing to do this week is to focus on your ambitions, and your wishes and dreams, and only be generous if you are called to be and that is it. 

Aquarius – You have been quite self-reflective and introspective lately. The one issue you have also faced is that you are unsure of what truly inspires you. As the week approaches the New Moon, you may begin to have some ideas of what truly inspires you. Could this mean that there may be a change in your overall direction in 2021? 

Pisces – You will find that your creativity strengthens this week. Take advantage of it as you will want to try out a new art project or get into a new creative hobby. This creative side will help keep the stress from what is happening around more neutral to you. 

Some of the stressful transits are now over and 2020 is almost over. What a great thing to remind yourself of each day for the rest of this year.