There are some very important and potent transits happening this week. Firstly, on the 14th, Mercury goes into retrograde in Scorpio, and that ends on Election Day which is November 3rd. This will cause a lot of intense feelings and responses, as well as many misunderstandings. Appliances can break down, as well as text messages, emails, and packages may fail to deliver. And with Mars in retrograde as well, there will be many heated moments. So beware of that.

Then on the 16th, there is a Libra New Moon. Even though New Moons are a time to make new beginnings, with Mercury in retrograde you will want to hold off on that. However, you can set new intentions about the people who you want to be in your life and who you don’t want in your life professionally and personally. Let’s see how you do, based on your sign this week.

Aries – You will be resisting plans and relationships from the past as Mercury heads into retrograde. You will make the decision, not this week, but once it is out of retrograde in a few weeks whether or not you want to keep them. You will be gathering information on it this week.

Taurus – The thing about you, Taurus is when you have an intention to change your mind, you will. You are seeing that habits are affecting you, and the bad ones you are going to decide to kick. But you have to do it in a way where you are comfortable so you stick to it.

Gemini – Expect to deal with arguments this week as you won’t be understanding the points of view that others are sharing. And you will have a knee jerk response to it all. It is best to have as little contact with those who have differing views as you this week so keep it to a minimum.

Cancer – This week you will have a boost in creativity, so if you had an old creative writing project or art project you left aside, it is a good time to get back to it. Secondly, you will have the urge to cut out old friends who are not giving back what you give. Give in to that urge.

Leo – You will be urged to clean up mental clutter and you should take this week to do just that. You will feel much better after doing so as well. This means you will take the time this week to begin meditating if you haven’t done so already. And do some journaling. You will feel much better.

Virgo – If you have debts hanging over your head, you will want to begin paying them off, and if you are able to do so – pay it all off. Only if you can. Don’t stress too much if you can’t. But you will feel better once you can tackle some of the debt issues.

Libra – You will have the sense that you are growing out of something that you were once passionate about. And that is okay because everything in your life waxes and wanes and your hobbies and likes will fall into that category. Let go of anything that no longer serves you in any way.

Scorpio – You will have some urges to make important decisions after having some eureka moments. However, remember that Mercury is going into retrograde in your sign this week. Before making any important decisions, focus on your intuitions, and make note of what you are sensing. You will be able to make a good and strong decision after the retrograde.

Sagittarius – You have been stressed due to the fact that you have been forced to look within which is what you avoid. It is too difficult and it goes beyond the restrictions caused by the pandemic. You will come face to face with it and you will be urged to talk to a therapist or a counselor to help you pinpoint what is troubling you this week. Take advantage of it.

Capricorn – Are you feeling that the line of work you are in is due to being influenced by others? Are you feeling regret based on going into a field you really are not passionate about? This is what you may end up encountering this week. You may not be able to change it based on your circumstances, but you can plan for the future about what you want to do.

Aquarius – As you have been self-reflective lately, you are seeing what you need to do to further improve your life. You will want to talk to a therapist or counselor but you are also inventive by nature. You will be able to figure out what is best to do and what is not best to do to make things better.

Pisces – As your confidence has been growing, you are seeing that there are others in your life who have not had your best interest at heart. You will want to give them the boot so you preserve yourself and keep yourself going and strong.

Hang in there, this year is almost over!