Keep in mind that there will be some intense transits that are happening this week. On the 22nd, the sun moves into Scorpio which means, Happy Birthday, Scorpio. You can expect that this will be a transformative time for everyone on some level anyway. When Pluto went direct a few weeks ago, you were going to start encountering the very thing that was going to cause you to make significant changes. During the Scorpio season, it will happen. 

Add to that, the energies are intense with Mercury and Mars in retrograde as Mars is making difficult aspects to Pluto as well. The good news is that Venus enters its home, Libra as the week comes to an end. That will help calm some of the intense feelings and emotions that you are having with other people. That means you will be able to find some peace regardless. Let’s see how your sign does this week. 

Aries – Expect to feel a strong level of frustration this week due to some painful aspects. However, whatever you do, do not take your frustration out onto others! Use the anger you feel within to fuel your productivity instead which means you will end up getting a lot of work completed. Don’t forget to rest. 

Taurus – You will be brainstorming ideas for the future and with Mercury in retrograde, this will be quite supported. These are both professional and personal plans you will want to take on in 2021. Just be sure not to act them out anytime yet as once again, Mercury is in retrograde.

Gemini – Early in the week you will hear some unexpected news. You will also have access to something valuable and rare as it might have something to do with your professional or personal life. However, this could be something that will bring you closure for something you have been emotionally tied to for a long time. It may also help you go on a path to new beginnings down the road 

Cancer – You will feel quite competitive this week, especially when it comes to your professional life. In fact, you will think those who are in your line of work are trying to steal your ideas. You may even find a website that appears to be a copycat of you. You will become emotional, but you will need to take a step back and be cool about it. Rise above it and create a plan that will get those clients going to your competitors looking at what you offer instead. 

Leo – Your work-home life balance will be strained this week. Your work will demand your time as well as your situation at home at the same time. An example is that you could have some tough work deadlines while tending to a sick child or a needy family member. It will be stressful but you will get through it. 

Virgo – A situation will come up that will challenge your self-confidence and you may even be confused. Just keep in mind that your ruling planet is in retrograde and you will end up feeling the effects of it. more than the others Just know that the issue will solve itself at the right time. Just keep meditating and grounding yourself in the meantime.

Libra – You may face some rejections this week such as a client that you hoped would hop on board does not, or if you are looking for a job, you won’t end up being the one to get it. But just know there will be other opportunities for acceptance and never question your worth which you may end up doing this week after those encountering disappointments. 

Scorpio – You know not to make any major decisions or place bets, but, you will be delighted to find that someone who you are already tied to will be valuable in some way. They may be the ones to provide the information you need for unlocking something important. They may even lead you to something you need and don’t question any of it either. Happy birthday, by the way. 

Sagittarius – Lately, you have been having to do a lot of soul-searching and this week you will need to take it one step further. You will want to focus on making meditation a habit and keep getting in touch with your spiritual side. You will feel better after doing it. 

Capricorn – You will feel generous this week as the transits happening will support that feeling of generosity. Examples of how you will be affected are by tipping those who you see provide you with excellent service more than you normally would. If you are the boss, then you will be inclined to give out generous bonuses. 

Aquarius – You will be feeling confused and the struggles with your self-esteem will continue at the beginning of this week. However, in the middle of the week, you will get some good news. Or you will find something invigorates you which helps you feel more optimistic than you have before. 

Pisces – At one point, you had an opportunity presented to you that you overlooked. But this week, you will find that it will resurface itself and you will not hesitate to grab it.  Especially since you will be offered something that will entice you. Go for it as you will regret it if you don’t, and you can do so even with the retrograde. This is a time to catch up on old things after all.

This is what concludes the week and you will get through it just like you have gotten through each week this year. The end is coming, finally. Hang in there.