You will catch a break early this week because of Venus entering its home sign, Libra. Considering the difficult energies that have been going on with Mars and Mercury in retrograde, and the hard aspects of Mars and Pluto,  this is a transit you will welcome. It will help lighten the load and help to stop arguments that have going on.

Then on Halloween night, October 31st, as it still runs through November 1st, there is the Blue Moon or the Taurus Full Moon. This is the second Full Moon in October. The first one took place on the 1st which was the Aries Full Moon. This impactful Full Moon will encourage you to become grounded in the material and practical realities of life as work and money your focus currently. Also, Mercury in retrograde comes to an end soon. How are you doing based on your sign?

Aries – You are going to be inclined to do shadow work as this will mean you will need to examine those uncomfortable things that have been holding you back. During the Blue Moon, you will realize it will be time to do better, and live up to your potential based on what you really want. But you won’t be able to without doing shadow work.

Taurus – You will have an easy time calling out BS this week as you will have an easy time sniffing it out. If you see false information being spread around such as ridiculous conspiracy theories, you will call those out. Therefore, those who share false info will be forced to stop when you come along to expose it for what it is – fake news!

Gemini – You don’t like to follow a particular routine, but you are finding yourself more irritable if you don’t follow one. This is the week to begin to do that start setting a schedule. Schedule to do your work if you have your own business, or to only concentrate on work, and then make sure you fit some family time, and leisure time in there as well. Your intensity levels will drop.

Cancer – You are going to discover some apps or other accessories that can help you with your day to day life. This discovery will be made by either a community member or someone from your network, but you will be glad you found them as they will be of great help to you!

Leo – You really are in a rush to make some significant changes and to create something new such as writing a new book, or creating a new course. However, with Mercury still in retrograde, don’t start yet. And Mars is still in retrograde which can easily damper your motivation. However, the Full Moon will give you that kick that you need to start with the preliminary processes of anything new you want to begin. 

Virgo – You have been attracting some energy vampires to the point that you question your self-worth and you will feel vulnerable.  However, during the Full Moon, you will have a sense of renewal and you will feel more recharged where you can start feeling a sense of empowerment. It helps too that Mercury is almost direct. 

Libra – You are going to learn about extra money-making opportunities that are ways to earn cash from home quickly. However, at the same time, because you may be wanting to take each and every one of those opportunities, you will feel as if you are overdoing it. The Full Moon will remind you that you can only do so much and only take advantage of the ones that do not drain you.

Scorpio – The sun has been in your sign for almost a week, and this week in addition to the Full Moon, your challenge will be all about your perspectives. You will need to change them. Is it possible that you have been emotionally hanging onto an existing alliance even though you have outgrown it. Or maybe you have been putting off a commitment you once and for all need to make. Either way, major shifts will be happening that are relevant to your perspective and you will get the big eureka when it is the Full Moon. 

Sagittarius – This week you will have the courage to say good-bye to the things that no longer serve you. That could mean dead-end jobs, one-sided friendships, or clients that are not appreciating you. And at the same time, you may find other things from your past coming back. Therefore, don’t shut them all out. An example of that is an old client from five years ago may be a good one currently. 

Capricorn – Your generosity has been excellent lately and you are continuing on with your humanitarian spirit. You have a deep desire to make the world a better place. This means you will be inclined to organize a charity event of some sort. You really want to lend a helping hand to those who need it. 

Aquarius – You have a strong urge to launch something soon, and you know to do it after both retrogrades are over which will be very soon. Therefore, this is the week to think it through and plan it out because once it is launched, it will happen very quickly. It may be a new side business, a course, a novel you want to write, or anything. It will happen quickly as long as you iron out the plan properly. 

Pisces – You do know that taking extra risks is so out of character for you, but this is what you will do. You will be inclined to go to some ‘unknown territories’ which you have never wanted to do previously. However, lately, you have been enjoying an increase in self-confidence and it will continue over the next few weeks. This week you will be taking some risks without any hesitation and good for you. 

It is hard to believe it is almost November and that means the year is finally almost over! And we are all ready to make a fresh start. Happy Halloween!