As the week begins, there will be a Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th, and that is a powerful Full Moon that will help you find inspiration and your personal power. During that time, you can become inspired to realize your dreams with a pragmatic approach. During the same day, Mercury in Libra makes a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, which can help you find a way to make your dreams come true, as it is a good time to make plans and to learn new things that will help you. 

On the 22nd, the Sun moves from Virgo into Libra (happy birthday, Libra!), and this will be a time to bring balance within, so the energies will help make life a little more harmonious. This is one of the reasons many people enjoy the early autumn. However, on this day, autumn also begins. 

Mercury in Libra makes a square to Capricorn on the same day, which is a day to remember to keep quiet if you don’t have something nice to say. Also, it may be a good idea to limit your exposure to social media on this day because harsh words can be exchanged. 

A powerful opposition between Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus occurs on September 23rd, raising some surprises. Finances may be suddenly affected, or it may be the opposite – it depends on your horoscope!

Nonetheless, on the 25th, Mars in Libra makes a trine to Saturn in Aquarius as it can provide some strength and courage and enable you to accomplish difficult tasks. You don’t have to finish it in one day. Mercury in retrograde begins in Libra on the 26th, which is a good time to complete your projects for the next several weeks. Your logic and communication may be off-balance. Let’s see how your sign does this week. 

Aries – This week, you would greatly benefit from working with a mentor. Normally, you prefer to do things alone, but a mentor can help you find the inspiration and energy to accomplish your goals with sluggish energy and motivation. 

Taurus – There have been plenty of envious feelings recently, but you can turn them into inspiration instead. You can be inspired by what another individual has that you desire. For example, if the person you envied was more successful with their marketing strategy, observe them and learn their secret, as you can make it work for yourself. That is one way to cure envy. 

Gemini – This week, your ruler will be in its shadow, which can negatively affect your memory and thinking process. You should triple-check all of your writing. Never send a text or email before reading it. Memory loss may cause you to forget to write lists. Plug it into your smartphone as soon as you notice you need to do something important so an alarm can let you know to take care of it. 

Cancer – Recently, you have felt unproductive and as if you are not getting anywhere with your work. It is frustrating to work hard and not achieve anything. In this week’s lesson, you will learn some strategies to help you solve some of those issues. As the Full Moon approaches, you’ll realize you need to work smarter rather than harder, allowing you to feel more productive and accomplished. 

Leo – The week is for evaluating your values. Maybe your values aren’t aligned with them, and you need some alone time to think about them. Only then can you remain true to yourself. 

Virgo – You may show impulsive behavior that is not in your nature. You may be tempted to spend more money than you normally would on luxuries, and you may end up racking up a large credit card bill. Mercury’s shadow and the Full Moon are behind this influence. You can convince yourself to purchase something luxurious by budgeting your money ahead of time so that you don’t suffer any regrets down the road. 

Libra – During this week, you may be tempted to act out of character. Those who work from home may bring their rocket stick and laptop to a national park and set up an office there if they are allowed to do so. Consider going skydiving or climbing a wall on your day off. There is a strong desire inside of you to experience something new and unique, which is why you have this desire. 

Scorpio – You will be challenged to try something new this week, something you’ve never done before. You may enter a blogging challenge or a marketing challenge online, for instance. To broaden your horizons and stretch your comfort zone a little. 

Sagittarius – The desire to work with someone to fulfill your desire to create a side project will be powerful. There are numerous opportunities for you to start your own podcast, or if you haven’t done so already, start having a guest every week. In addition, you may want to create a new course series and release it with someone. 

Capricorn – Someday, you will find yourself in a situation where you will have to use some new skills that you recently learned to solve it or help someone resolve it. Once you have done that, you will feel a sense of confidence, and you will be able to restore some self-belief that you may have lost over the past few months. 

Aquarius – If you are working from home or have experienced the pandemic, you will be more productive. Right now, it would be best if you had your home environment. An office setting can be distracting and cause you to lose your concentration. In case you cannot work from home, you will want to spend as much time as possible at home to recharge and do some meditation exercises. 

Pisces – There is a possibility that you will spend time working on a family project or something unrelated to your professional life. It’s also possible that a friend would like to collaborate with you on a project. You can recall who you are away from your work by working on a project about a family tree, your ethnicity, or religion. 

Mercury is in retrograde, so you’ll want to finish up old projects. If you must start anything new, check it twice and triple-check it. We are prone to overlooking essential information!