Everyone needs to take up a hobby because working and juggling home and family responsibilities take up a lot of energy. Hobbies and doing things at your leisure is needed to do in order to stay recharged, re-energized, and to keep your interests alive. If you are unsure of any hobbies to take up, then why not consider taking some up based on your Enneagram type! That will influence you taking up the best one based on your personality.

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Best Leisure Activities & Hobbies For Each Enneagram Type

Type 1 – The Reformer – Because morals are important, the best type of hobby is to help make a positive difference for others such as volunteering, tutoring kids, and raising funds for the good.

Type 2 – The Helper – Making others happy and comfortable in a nurturing way is what this type is all about. And this is why hobbies such as baking, gardening, volunteering especially at the animal shelter are great distractions.

Type 3 – The Achiever – Being seen for success is important to this type. That is why the best hobbies are dancing, singing, modeling, and creating fun content to share on social media. Being influential somehow is important.

Type 4 – The Individualist – Creation is what this personality type loves. That is why the best hobbies are creative writing, painting, taking photographs, journaling, and making music.

Type 5 – The Observer – The one thing that this type is focused on is mental stimulation. That is why the best hobbies for this type are doing puzzles, playing trivia games, and reading books that are not fiction. Going to museums is also an interest for this personality type.

Type 6 – The Loyalist – Those who have this personality type are going to do what feels best for themselves in a secure type of way as they are not the type to move out of their comfort zone. Any hobby that feels right to them such as writing or even doing artwork that they are comfortable with is the best option.

Type 7 – The Enthusiast – Those with this type are quite adventurous. They will go and try new things. That is why hobbies such as learning a new language, trying new foods, going on rollercoasters if there is an amusement park nearby will work for this type. If not there is always skydiving.

Type 8 – The Challenger – Those who are of this personality type like things bold and want to be in control. That is why the best thing for them to do during their spare time is to exercise, lift weights, mountain biking, playing video games, and thrill-seeking in general.

Type 9 The Peacemaker – This personality type is about wanting to seek harmony and balance. This is why spiritual activities are best for this type such as meditating, going on nature walks, enjoying a coffee in a relaxing setting such as a coffee shop, or napping.

What is your type and what do you enjoy doing? Why not share what it is in order to add it to the list of hobby ideas for others?