Is Jupiter entering your 5th house of romance or 7th house of relationships, and are you an Aries? You will likely end up going into a relationship, whether it is for fun or may potentially be long-term. Who are your best matches? That will depend on many factors which go beyond your Sun sign. However, let’s now talk about the best matches for Aries.

What Are The Best Love Matches For Aries?


Leo and Aries make a fun and creative couple. You will have plenty of zest for life with your Leo partner, and you will show plenty of affection to one another. Your playful side will come out, and you will want to spend plenty of time together, having one celebration after another. However, because both of you are strong-willed and are leaders, that can cause some challenges, which means you will have a lot of work when compromising.


Sagittarius and Aries make a fun couple that enjoys going on one adventure or another. You will both enjoy being on the go and staying busy, and the great thing is that you both are up for different adventures. Neither of you is homebodies, and there is always something to do and somewhere to go. However, for this relationship to last for a long time, some sacrifices must be made, which you may not be willing to make.


Gemini would make a great mate for you because both of you enjoy having freedom, flirting, and you both are up for changes and changes in scenery. You know how to be creative with one another, and you can complete each other’s fantasies. There is a natural attraction that you possess; however, prepare yourself for a lot of volatility.


Libra can be a great match for you for the simple reason that opposites attract since Libra is opposite to Aries. Libra will provide romance, and you will bring both drama and passion. You also have an appreciation for the social skills that Libra has. Since you like to be in charge, Libra has no problem following you, so there will not be any butting heads. However, since Libra is your opposite sign, prepare yourself for other tensions that come from that alone.


Aquarius is a good mate for you because you like their freethinking style as well as their desire for freedom and independence. It is safe to say that your relationship with Aquarius will never be boring as you both possess a spontaneous nature and are highly independent. That means you will not have a problem with Aquarius wanting to do their thing as you appreciate their independent ways, and vice versa. You also will find that you will optimistically look at the future without thinking much about the past. However, you may become frustrated with Aquarius’ detached style, which is an area of struggle.

If your significant other has a not-compatible sign, which means one that is not on this list, then that means their Moon or rising sign is in a compatible sign. Their Mars or Venus sign will also have a significant impact. That is why your Sun sign only means so much!